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Sharing knowledge is the real power

Sharing knowledge is the real power

The Dundee Tech Meetup is a knowledge and information hub born in 2012 by a number of brightsolid founders. Brian Davidson continues to organise the Meetup with help from Andy Cobley from the University of Dundee and Chris Gilchrest from web design agency Hitreach.

Since its inception, the Meetup has provided a place where likeminded people from the tech and digital universe can come together and talk about what they love.

Brian Davidson comments: “I believe the popularity of the Meetup stems from the diversity of what we offer. The projects that people come to talk about are as varied as the application of technology. Something we decided early on was the talks shouldn’t be too code heavy and more accessible to anyone interested in technology. It has served us well over the years, since formation and as a result, we have a strong following of attendees.”

It’s been our own experience that when discussing technology with those coming from different perspectives leads to innovation and that’s the basis of the Tech Meetup in Dundee. The general nature of Tech Meetup does indeed mean it’s one of a kind in the area.

For more information and to register for upcoming events, follow @dundeemeetup on twitter or keep an eye on their website. Registrations for all events can be made via Eventbrite.

Bright and solid team

Bright and solid team

A supporter of Tomorrow’s Talent, brightsolid have been recognised for supporting and nurturing local talent. Tomorrow’s Talent works to “develop skills, inspire confidence and realise potential for life after school.”

We also run our own talent workshops, working with the Universities of Dundee and Abertay as well as local colleges, to inspire tomorrow’s tech leaders.

By giving insight into what it means to be a digital enterprise in today’s commercial climate, we hope to support entrepreneurial drive and encourage students from all backgrounds to launch into a career in the technology industry.

Using our own team of talented experts, we show how much opportunity there is in Scotland in the tech industry for scientists, network ninja’s, cloud surfers and digital dynamos.

Inspiring creativity and innovation

Inspiring creativity and innovation

Kids Code Club is a free computer programming course in Dundee. Code Club is a fun fueled computer programming course designed to help young digital enthusiasts between the ages of 9 – 11 years’ spark an interest in computer gaming and technology whilst making new friends.

A national after-school programme led by volunteers, Code Club’s tools and techniques are easy to learn with all levels of experience welcome.

Connected by a national network of coders, Code Club is a hive of activity for cadets interested in computing, gaming and technology.

Our local Code Club, run by the Dundee Contemporary Arts and supported by brightsolid, takes place on Thursdays after school between 6.15pm and 7.30pm in the DCA Activity Room..

To find out when the next code club is set to run, get in touch with the DCA to register your place.

Caring for the Rest of the World

Caring for the Rest of the World

Our compassionate team are constantly looking at new ways to give back to the wider community.

In 2016, we collected and donated 40kgs of clothes for ‘Dundee the caring city’, a charity based in Dundee that sends resources to Syrian refugees.
We’ve thrown numerous drives for local food banks, making sure nutritious meals reach local people in need.

Generosity is part of our culture: it makes brightsolid a special place to work.

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