Our bright minds

Mission Control

Scott Hudson

Commercial Director

Rallying the troops and preparing for the unexpected

Michael Thomson

Finance Director

Keeping the mothership happy and counting the credits

Malcolm Dobson

Chief Technical Officer

The 'but what if' man

Rocket Engineers

Terry Hurcombe

Systems Engineer aka Black Belt Ninja-neer

Storming through the server-sphere to find optimal performance

Graeme Grant

Networking Engineer aka Internet Peace Keeper

Connecting people across different galaxies to help them collaborate better

Derek Roy

Chief of the Data Centres

Ex Regimental Sergeant Major of HM Forces. Agent of secure and all round top man

Leona Forbes

Head of Project & Solution Delivery

Ensuring your tech universe is crafted, protected and maintained to gold standard

Chris Rattray

Head of Solution Design aka Infrastructure Guru

Guiding people to their future galaxy and uncovering the silver lining in every cloud

Inez Hogarth

Head of Analytics aka Data Diva

Diving into data to find the value and teaching people how to do the same

Galactic Guardians

Brian Davidson

Head of Customer Service

Saving the day since 2011

Vicky Glynn

Head of Account Management

Surprising and delighting our customers with the best innovations

Andrew Fox

Head of Operations

Fantastic Mr Fox....

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