brightsolid Improves Performance, Reliability and Service Levels with INFINIDAT

Leading UK cloud services provider reduces storage deployment time and lowers latency, improving its competitiveness

INFINIDAT, a leading provider of enterprise data storage solutions, today announced that brightsolid, a leading UK cloud provider, has implemented the InfiniBox™ enterprise-proven storage array to improve storage performance and reliability in its VMware cloud environment. Using InfiniBox, brightsolid reduced the time to deploy storage from hours to minutes, and lowered write latencies from 2-10 ms to below 1 ms, thereby gaining a competitive edge in its market.
“Our mission is to deliver technical innovation with personal service. By this, we mean finding the best way to apply the most effective technology so that we always surpass the expectations of our customers in the performance, reliability and price of our service,” said Richard Higgs, CEO at brightsolid. “InfiniBox has delivered the outstanding performance we require as we serve some of the most data-intensive industries, such as energy. Flexibility is one of our key priorities and the scalability of the InfiniBox platform meets this requirement, particularly where customers need to quickly spin resources up and down depending on business demand and budget.”

The InfiniBox storage array’s ease-of-use and speed with provisioning capacity have also allowed brightsolid’s engineers to reduce storage administration time and effort. brightsolid has also found that InfiniBox can handle a variety of storage workloads.

“We are lucky to have such a diverse customer base because we are always learning new things, augmenting solutions in one sector and applying them in new ways to solve customer challenges in others. Hence, we need technology that supports a variety of customer requirements,” said Higgs. “INFINIDAT’s ability to handle many different workloads and both NAS and SAN protocols simultaneously and effectively means it can be employed across an incredible number of different applications and meets 99% of our customers’ needs.”

One of those customers is Aberdeen City Council. Based in Scotland, the Council provides a range of online services to its 220,000 residents. Ensuring fast access to these services is paramount, which is why Aberdeen City Council selected brightsolid to provide a flexible, pick and mix solution best described as Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Brightsolid houses the Council’s production and disaster recovery data on InfiniBox. Aberdeen City Council has already seen benefits from the new partnership with brightsolid and has saved roughly $250K per annum with the new service, supported by INFINIDAT.

brightsolid reviewed approximately 37 storage products before selecting InfiniBox. They found that none of the other offerings could manage data at scale.

“We’re excited to be working with INFINIDAT as we grow our business 50% year over year,” continued Higgs. ”We select our partners based on their potential growth and their culture. We have a strong synergy with INFINIDAT, as both companies retain agile teams of experts who value relationships above all else.”

brightsolid has successfully deployed InfiniBox arrays in its Dundee and Aberdeen data centers in Scotland.

“brightsolid’s success with delivering greater performance and system reliability to its customers is a testimony to the power of the InfiniBox storage array,” said Jasper Gundry White, UK Country Manager at INFINIDAT. “We view brightsolid as more than just a customer; they are a strategic partner in the cloud services market.”