Create a Hybrid Cloud environment for all cloud types

With the ‘what’ out of the way you can then really focus on the ‘how’ – and the how is about an environment built for change.

This approach aligns the technology with the business expectation of cloud. Cloud is seen by the business as an enabler of innovation and business transformation. A way to be more responsive to market and customer demands.

The best approach is to assume change is constant and create an environment in harmony with change. Two elements then become a critical part of the Hybrid Cloud approach – Supporting Services & Orchestration


The rate of change in the cloud means that it’s unlikely that any one organisation has all the skill sets needed to create strategy, build, run and optimise cloud for all the different projects that will be supported by the hybrid cloud environment. Working with a trusted and experienced partner allows you access to the services to continuously support change.


The best hybrid cloud approach balances constant change with harmony across the whole environment. Orchestration is vital to ensuring big picture management of performance, back-ups, availability, security, and critically, cost. Orchestration ensures that your environment is not only protected long term but future optimisation across the whole environment.

So the Optimal Hybrid Cloud is a blend of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud with supporting services and orchestration between platforms.