Five Security Considerations when Choosing a Data Centre

For most companies, at the forefront of their mind when choosing a data centre facility is security. Many businesses are unable to provide the same level of security as an experienced data centre provider and it is important to know exactly what accreditations you should be looking for in a partner before making your decision.

This blog gives a briefing of some key security components that make a great data centre and more importantly a secure one.


It is important to look for virtual and physical security measures when picking your data centre partner. Industry standards and regulatory requirements have been the catalysts for data centre evolution, driving progress and ensuring process efficiency. At brightsolid our data centre’s showcase industry leading security measures and we are audited by external industry governing bodies throughout the year to ensure we are adhering to their strict security standards. Our customers can also request to carry out independent audits on demand. This is crucial as independent audits and industry standards ensure objectivity and optimal resilience. Therefore, customers are safe in the knowledge that the chosen facility is predisposed to host sensitive, confidential and critical data sets and IT infrastructures.

What accreditations should you look for?

brightsolid holds, among others, ISO27001:13, Cyber Essentials Plus and is Uptime Institute accredited to Tier III. These accreditations along with others are detailed below:

ISO 27001:13 – This standard sets out the requirements for establishing, completing and maintaining an information security management system that is continuously reviewed and improved where possible. The adoption of this system must be a strategic one and the design and implementation of the system is defined by an organisations needs, processes and security procedures.

ISO 22301 – This ISO is awarded to those organisations who demonstrate to legislative authorities that they are adhering to the very best in business continuity management and practice.

Cyber Essentials Plus – This government backed scheme was launched in 2014 and is designed to improve the resilience of UK businesses to the most common cyber security threats. The scheme requires companies to implement five key controls: secure configuration, boundary firewalls and internet gateways, access control and administrative privilege management, patch management and malware protection.

Uptime Institute Accreditations – Uptime Institute’s Professional Services is the only firm licensed to rate and certify designs, constructed facilities, and ongoing operations against the Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System and Operational Sustainability Criteria, brightsolid is accredited to Tier III.

FPAL is a carefully chosen database of suppliers within Oil and Gas sector. FPAL assert a pre-qualification, criteria and performance evaluation as well as on-going monitoring tools that ensure buyers are selecting from only the most opporational excellent suppliers.

Click here to find out more about brightsolid’s security accreditations or feel free to get in touch with one of our team members to discuss any requirements or questions that you might have.