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Social Collaboation

Alternatives to email: 5 social collaboration feat…

For many organisations, email is the only digital tool they use to communicate. Email is a good to… read more

29/11/16   in cloud hosting
Shielded VMs

Thinking Slow about Shielded VMs

Our Head of Emerging Technologies, Kenny Lowe, attended Microsoft's Ignite Conference in Atlanta. … read more

28/11/16   in cloud hosting
VentureFest 2016

3 Key Takeways from Scotland’s VentureFest 2016

Our marketing trainee, Andrew Bond, went along to VentureFest 2016 last month. Read on to learn ab… read more

26/10/16   in cloud hosting

Windows Server 2016 Release – Try it now!

Earlier in the month Microsoft launched the highly anticipated Windows Server 2016. The new Guarde… read more

24/10/16   in cloud hosting

World first in cloud security for brightsolid

brightsolid today launches the world’s first production ready environment of Windows Server 20… read more

14/10/16   in cloud hosting

Become the Next Person to Code

As part of National Coding Week we wanted to share the great work that Code Club is carrying out a… read more

20/09/16   in cloud hosting