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Data Centre Dynamics

brightsolid nominated for prestigious Data Centre …

We are delighted to announce that brightsolid were nominated for the 2016 EMEA Data Centre Dynamic… read more

08/12/16   in cloud hosting
Nicola Graham

Aberdeenshire Council’s Nicola Graham talks …

This article was by written SA Mathieson and originally published in SOCITM In Our View: Issue 10.… read more

07/12/16   in cloud hosting
Bill Gammell

An evening with Bill Gammell

On a chilly Tuesday in Autumn, an excited crowd gathered at the Caves function venue in Edinburgh … read more

06/12/16   in cloud hosting
Social Collaboation

Alternatives to email: 5 social collaboration feat…

For many organisations, email is the only digital tool they use to communicate. Email is a good to… read more

29/11/16   in cloud hosting
Shielded VMs

Thinking Slow about Shielded VMs

Our Head of Emerging Technologies, Kenny Lowe, attended Microsoft's Ignite Conference in Atlanta. … read more

28/11/16   in cloud hosting
VentureFest 2016

3 Key Takeways from Scotland’s VentureFest 2016

Our marketing trainee, Andrew Bond, went along to VentureFest 2016 last month. Read on to learn ab… read more

26/10/16   in cloud hosting