Procuring through the Cloud Services Framework with Brightsolid

Procuring cloud services across the Scottish public sector now couldn’t be easier thanks to the Scottish Government Cloud Services Framework which came into effect on the 1st August 2019. The remit was to provide a safe, secure, environmentally friendly framework that could be used across the Scottish public sector to procure cloud services, and is a direct replacement for the previous Hosting Services Framework.

After a rigorous application process, 14 suppliers were selected to be part of the framework. Brightsolid are delighted to have been selected as a framework service provider. As an organisation based solely in Scotland, we are focused entirely on developing IT talent in Scotland to help Scottish businesses achieve their digital ambitions. The Scottish Government recognises that cloud skills are in short supply in Scotland, and the existence of the framework ensures that the public sector can be confident that Brightsolid (and the other selected service providers) can successfully provide those services, in a secure, cost-effective and sustainable way.

The scope of the Cloud Services Framework includes private and public cloud, colocation, hybrid cloud, community cloud, cloud transition, as well as access to hyperscale cloud and associated services. Brightsolid offer all of these services, and have 20 years’ experience successfully solutions delivering to the public sector, including on the previous Hosting Services Framework


We offer a wide range of managed cloud services from our Tier III designed data centres in Dundee and Aberdeen, and when it comes to hyperscale and hybrid cloud, we have strong partnerships and capabilities around AWS and other vendors, with the credibility and expertise to help manage and optimise your hyperscale environment.

We recognise that Scottish public sector organisations are at different stages in their cloud transition, and that the framework may seem complex. It has been designed however to be easy to use, with direct award and mini-competition options for procurement.

As an approved supplier, we can help you make sense of information available in order to move you forward on your cloud services journey; whether that be advisory, build or run services for all your cloud needs. Brightsolid are also here to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us, we’d be happy to help!

More information on the Cloud Services Framework can also be found at the Scottish Government website here, where you can download the Buyers Guide.