Top five advantages of Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS)

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) is a crucial element of any cyber security strategy. As you read this, internal and external threat actors are scanning systems and networks across the internet. They are looking for holes and weaknesses to exploit and attack. Those that take the least time and effort are the most worthwhile.  

And they are successful. As reported in 2022, 31% of Government surveyed businesses were victims of a cyber attack at least once a week. 

Could your business survive such a cyber security attack? One with the potential to cost you anywhere from £19,400 if you are an SME? Resulting in long-lasting reputational, legal, operational, and financial consequences? 

If you don’t understand your business vulnerabilities and take the appropriate preventative measures to address them, you leave yourself exposed.  

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) enables businesses to identify, prioritise and remediate potential security weaknesses continuously. 

In this article, we outline the top five advantages that MVS could bring to your business. And, in doing so, improve your overall IT security posture.

Take a proactive approach to protect your business

In their 2023 annual cyber threat defense report, marketing and research firm CyberEdge found that 85% of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack the previous year.  

Attacks are proving to be increasingly frequent and more sophisticated. Managed Vulnerability Scanning allows your business to take a proactive approach and protect against potentially damaging threats. Because it brings the following advantages:  

Automation: You can schedule vulnerability scanning tools to run regularly or trigger them to respond to specific events. Providing a current and real-time view of your vulnerability landscape. Such automation also saves time and resources by eliminating the need to carry out manual testing. Which can be costly and time-consuming. 

Speed: Vulnerability scanning tools can perform hundreds or even thousands of checks faster than manual testing. This helps organisations avoid potential threats and reduces the time needed to remediate any damage caused. 

Cost-effectiveness: By combining speed and automation, vulnerability scanning is more economical than manual testing. Scanners can identify a wide range of vulnerabilities quickly and accurately, providing significant cost savings compared to manual testing. 

Scalability: Modern cloud-based architectures enable vulnerability scanning services to scale up or down as required. This means that businesses of any size can benefit from vulnerability scanning, whether they have a small, medium, or large environment to scan. 

Compliance: Many vulnerability scanning solutions include bespoke checks to test compliance with common information security standards or a business’s baseline control set. This ensures that companies, particularly those handling data-sensitive information, comply with industry regulations and best practices. 

Why vulnerability scanning matters for your business 

Undetected weaknesses within your IT infrastructure open your business up to critical risk and threat internally and externally. Only one such point of entry is needed for a cybercriminal to gain access. 

Vulnerability scanning is an essential component of any comprehensive cyber security strategy. By leveraging automation, speed, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and compliance, you can identify potential weaknesses and address them proactively. Reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack before it inflicts long-term damage.  

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