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Migration into AWS provides Aceville

with a platform to support growth

The Challenge

Aceville Publications is one of the UK’s leading and fastest-growing independent magazine publishers, providing over 30 consumer and B2B high-quality specialist magazines and websites.

To support future growth Aceville required a more flexible and cost-effective infrastructure platform that could easily and rapidly scale to meet the future needs of the business and ultimately their customers.

Early engagement with Brightsolid quickly identified that a “lift and shift” migration approach would not deliver the expected outcome and associated benefits associated with migrating 24 digital publications. Instead, the migration approach selected by Brightsolid involved a degree of transformation of their current environment to provide increased flexibility, improved end-to-end deployment automation and enhanced security controls.

The Solution

Brightsolid designed and implemented a target AWS environment to act as the landing zone for each of the 24 digital publications that had to be migrated and transformed.

This target landing zone provides a core set of key capabilities:

  • Strong security controls.  This was achieved using Cloud Foundations from Brightsolid which provides an out-of-the-box set of security and compliance controls aligned to industry recognised standards. In addition, the use of AWS Web Application Firewall also added further layers of protection to our digital publications.

  • End-to-end deployment automation. From the application, all the way through to infrastructure, continuous integration and infrastructure as code is used to fully automate the deployment of all changes during the business day without any impact to end customers.

  • Auto-scaling and self-healing. The solution will automatically add and remove resources to support peaks in customer demand plus has already proven it can self-heal from certain issues without the need for any human intervention.

  • High Availability. Deploying the compute and database resources across multiple AWS availability zones ensure we have no single point of failure within our solution.

  • Extensibility. The transformed solution and use of end-to-end automation means new digital publications can be quickly added with ease. 2 new digital publications were launched during the first few weeks following the migration to AWS.

Brightsolid has also gone on to help Aceville further optimise the cost of their new AWS environment through the right-sizing of resources, the use of Reserved Instances plus a migration to AWS Graviton2 instances which offered both a cost reduction and performance gain.

The Results

  • More for less: Aceville now have a transformed environment that has been right-sized and optimised for cost
  • Ability to quickly and easily scale to meet future business demands
  • New digital publications are now deployed rapidly due to improved automation
  • Autoscaling and self-healing capabilities have resulted in a more reliable service
  • Easier management of SSL certification, a historical challenge
  • Improved security