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Alliance Trust


Rock solid reliability;

kick starting a cloud journey

The Challenge

Alliance Trust Savings have been in the investment administration business for over 30 years but maintain their position as a market-leading and award-winning savings and investment organisation.

A forward-thinking organisation, they were an early technology innovator and quickly realised that they could achieve economic, performance and security benefits in using a managed cloud provider like Brightsolid, even before the term ‘cloud’ became as ubiquitous as it is today.

Trusted to manage more than £16 billion of assets for over 100,000 customer accounts in an extremely regulated industry, their innovation must be underpinned by an IT environment that delivers total reliability, as well as rock-solid security and resiliency.

Alliance Trust Savings wanted to relocate their critical infrastructure to be hosted securely off-site, which would then allow the internal technology teams to focus on more high-value internal activities. They needed to guarantee highly available solutions with a high degree of redundancy and resilience.

The Solution

Alliance Trust Savings hosts its critical infrastructures in Brightsolid Data Centres

Alliance Trust Savings benefit from the resilience and redundancy of N+1 power distribution infrastructure, cooling and fire suppression and detection systems.

Brightsolid also provides multi-layered security such as comprehensive burglar intrusion systems, layered security zones and 24-hour on site security. 

The Results

The solution has enabled Alliance Trust Savings to ensure that services are always available to their customers.

“As a financial services organisation, we need total reliability. Our customers depend on it, and us. With Brightsolid, we experience almost 100% uptime”. Alan McCormick Head of IT Infrastructure

Alliance Trust Savings believes it could spend ten times more time effort and money to get a fraction of the security and resiliency experienced with Brightsolid, so the solution delivers significant TCO benefits.

Alliance Trust Savings wanted ‘rock-solid’ and achieved this with Brightsolid.