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DC Thomson

Archive Solution - Protecting

Migration to Office 365

The Challenge

The pandemic meant that DC Thomson had to rapidly accelerate its migration to Microsoft 365 solutions, to provide remote workers collaboration solutions such as SharePoint and Teams.

For a large media organisation such as DC Thomson this required the significant data migration of millions of files stored on file shares.

This presented both an opportunity and a risk: the opportunity of a significant cleanup exercise to move only active data into the new platforms but the risk of losing data that was historical or accessed less frequently.

There was no practical way that all the files could be combed through manually to ensure no critical information was lost, and no way to understand what might prove useful in the future, so DC Thomson needed a way of keeping a ‘rainy day’ copy of up to 50TB of data in a really cost-effective storage solution.

The Solution

Brightsolid helped DC Thomson determine all of their options: as a hybrid cloud provider with colocation, private and public cloud offers, Brightsolid is able to be truly agnostic about the right solution for its customers.

Customers can choose between dedicated storage environments hosted in the Brightsolid data centre; traditional backup solutions using technologies such as Veeam with Brightsolid’s private cloud storage; or, as was determined to be the optimum solution in this case, extremely cost-effective deep storage solutions in the public cloud, such as AWS S3 Glacier Deep Storage.

AWS S3 Glacier Deep Storage is incredibly cost-effective for large pools of unstructured data that will be infrequently accessed, but two other solutions increased the savings that DC Thomson was able to benefit from:

  • Brightsolid utilised AWS’s free data transfer service DataSync to replicate the data from its source to AWS S3 Glacier Deep storage.

  • DC Thomson already has Brightsolid’s Cloud Foundations solution which provides a virtual landing zone for DC Thomson to consume native AWS services from an environment that is already preconfigured with DC Thomson access, network and security controls.

Having an existing secure AWS Landing Zone provided via the Brightsolid Cloud Foundations managed service made AWS the obvious choice for low cost and long-term archive storage.

The Results

  • Significantly reduced costs and improved ROI
  • Compliance, network, and access guardrails delivered from Brightsolid’s Cloud Foundations Solutions - fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Easy to manage self-service options to restore and recover data
  • Simple and speedy to set up on top of Brightsolid’s Cloud Foundations solution