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My Diabetes

My Way

Security and scalability;

24/7 patient support

The Challenge

My Way Digital Health required a secure and scalable cloud environment to support their innovative Diabetes management interactive website and app – ‘My Diabetes – My Way’.

My Way Digital Health is an exciting technology organisation, spun out from the University of Dundee in 2017. Their goal is to transform diabetes care globally through solutions that deliver data-driven knowledge and advice to patients and healthcare professionals.

Patients rely on their award-winning solutions to be always available, so they can manage their health easily day to day. This includes the flagship product, My Diabetes My Way, an online-self management platform and mobile app.

This platform helps more than 40,000 registered users in Scotland manage this serious condition by providing health record access, remote glucose monitoring, tailored information and support. This is providing measurably improved patient outcomes, whilst reducing costs for the NHS due to the self-managed nature of the solution.

The company has been so successful that My Way Digital Health are expanding their services outside of Scotland. Not only will this extend to some of the largest populations in the wider UK such as Greater Manchester, but the team also has plans to expand globally.

With the World Health Organisation predicting that the number of people living with diabetes will rise from an estimated 425 million people today to 629 million people in 2045, the demand for the type of innovative services that My Way Digital Health provides will only grow.

The Solution

Brightsolid provide a fully managed cloud environment Private Cloud to MDMW, delivered from our Tier III designed data centres, with the reassurance of guaranteed SLA performance and availability.

24*7 monitoring and alerting is provided by our expert cloud specialists.

Data is held securely, with referenceable compliance and key accreditation.

Brightsolid protect the environment by ensuring regular security and critical patching up to and including, the operating system.

Data back-ups are provided both on and off-site, to ensure business continuity

The Results

  • A cloud environment that supports a guaranteed online interactive service to patients and clinicians 24*7; something that was challenging to provide in-house;
  • Data is held in Scotland, securely, with referenceable compliance and key accreditation;
  • Scalability, as demand for their services continues to grow, without need for capex investment
  • Clear visibility and understanding of end-to-end infrastructure costs ensuring savings are realised long term
  • World-class data centre facilities and ongoing investment made into supporting technology, security, redundancy and resilience and people
  • Access to expert cloud skills without having to source internally