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Right cloud, right time,

real business benefits

The Challenge

NHS Health Scotland is a national Health Board who works to reduce health inequalities and improve health in Scotland.

NHS Health Scotland is a national Health Board who works to reduce health inequalities and improve health in Scotland. The preventative Health Agenda is one that continually gathers momentum and NHS Health Scotland needs an IT environment that adapts to their ever-changing environment.

The organisation also wanted to work with a partner that would help them to be innovative while retaining the need to deliver economical services and meet the compliance needs of a Government Organisation.

NHS Health Scotland initially approached Brightsolid with a need for off-site disaster recovery with geographic separation from their production environment, connected to the N3 Health Network.

The Solution

As Brightsolid and NHS Health Scotland worked together to understand the requirements for the Disaster Recovery solution, the collaboration uncovered wider concerns about the whole production environment.

As a result, Brightsolid proposed a Private Cloud solution would better support their performance and growth needs.

The private cloud solution was also complemented with additional hosting and security services such as provision and configuration, monitoring and alerting, remediation, patching, antivirus and more.

These were delivered by highly skilled and accredited Brightsolid engineers, based in Scotland.

After the organisation received the initial benefits of private cloud the organisation worked together to transition the service to a multi-tenanted cloud service, as these are increasingly deployed across public sector health organisations.

The Results

NHS Scotland solutions have continued to grow with the organisations needs and they have been able to benefit from the right cloud solutions for their workloads at the right time.

Dedicated private cloud delivered security, reliability and a shift from Capex to Opex with a services orientation that meant NHS Health Scotland could focus their own resources on preventative health care initiatives.

Migrating to a multi-tenanted solution meant NHS Health Scotland could benefit from all the same benefits but could also scale in an economical way.