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Consistency, reliability and availability;

making cloud first work

The Challenge

Sparrows Group provides engineered products and services to the global energy industry, optimising their own productivity through the delivery of lean value driven technical solutions.

They were early adopters of a ‘cloud first’ strategy, and saw this as a game changer, but it was critical to them to deliver technology under this strategy in a way that just worked, all the time.

Typically, people don’t think about infrastructure until it stops working. Now, it always works. It’s boring, but that’s okay because boring works.
Brian Docherty, Head of IT

They wanted a local partner who would live up to their rigorous high standards, one they could build a close relationship with through the transition and whom they could visit with ease.

Their aim was to efficiently spend their own talent and time on applications which improved their business and their customer experience, which meant having a partner who would ensure their infrastructure was secure always available, while maintaining enough access and control to be lean and agile.

The Solution

Brightsolid provided a Private Cloud environment with self-service options to Sparrows, delivered from our Aberdeen Tier III designed data centre.

The project and engineering resources designing and building their service were based in the Aberdeen site, meaning the teams working on the project were less than 10 miles apart at any given time.

Local and global connectivity was critical. Sparrows is a Global Organisation radiating from the heart of Aberdeen, and the Brightsolid Aberdeen Data Centre network offered the benefit of a geographic communications hub, providing unrivalled connectivity and cloud services to the local area, connected to the outside world.

Security and data sovereignty were a must for the Group, and knowing their data was not only secure in Scotland but in a data centre that they could physically visit was key.

Assuring their business that cloud ‘just works’ was supported by Brightsolid’s backup services where backups were held locally and in the Brightsolid secondary data centre site in Dundee.


The Results

  • Consistent, reliable and available cloud services
  • Allowing the Sparrows team the flexibility to make immediate changes
  • Back Up services ensuring guaranteed Recovery Points (RPO) and Recovery Times (RTO)
  • Data guaranteed in Scotland
  • Local expertise