Cloud Hosting

World class clouds with a regional, personal approach. Our customers choose to partner with us because we deliver an end to end service under one SLA, price matched to Azure with backup, DDoS protection and support included.

Cloud Computing

Why move to cloud?

Cloud computing empowers teams to reach their potential by:

  • Enabling people to work collaboratively across geographies
  • Giving internal IT back the time to deliver greater business value to the organisation
  • Providing a flexible approach to digital services that can be scaled up or down, in line with business demands
  • Guaranteeing secure, fast, always on connection
  • Offering a simple, cost effective price model that has saved our customers £350,000 a year on their IT spend

Aberdeen City Council chose us as their digital services partner because they needed a partner who could meet their stringent organisational requirements and the requirements of their citizens. These were:

  • Ensure that no matter how remotely located a citizen was, they could always access the council’s services quickly and easily with 100% availability
  • A refresh of processes as part of their new infrastructure
  • A local provider that could deliver an end to end service without having to bring in multiple contractors
  • Work collaboratively with Aberdeenshire Council

In brightsolid, we have found a partner with whom we can innovatively work as we digitally transform our council services while also reducing our operational costs. – Willie Young, Policy and Resource Convenor Councillor, Aberdeen City Council Finance


Reduce operational cost

Having a data centre and cloud partner helps reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT estate by taking care of the ‘business as usual’ and increasing the amount of time, resource and money your teams have to focus on other, more exciting, business areas. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) allows businesses to take their first steps toward becoming cloud native whilst supporting traditional enterprise applications. Learn how we are helping our customers take their right first step towards cloud and saving them up to £350,000 a year. View our journey to Azure fact sheet here.

Increase agility and retain control

Cloud allows you to quickly deploy existing and new systems. Management is easy. If you need to, you can log into your cloud through the brightsolid online portal at any time to back up, deploy, start and stop virtual machines or scale down depending on your business demand. Our cloud management layer allows customers more time to focus on supporting innovative business solutions and processes that have a real impact instead of having to worry about keeping the lights on.

Rapid deployment

Aberdeen City Council’s entire infrastructure was migrated to live in just 6 weeks – the fastest public sector migration project in the UK and a record for brightsolid in terms of size and speed.

Aberdeen City Council had a drop dead date of the 10th January with their old supplier. We began migration on the 4th December and their environment was live by the 8th January.

Aberdeen City Council has been impressed with the quality, flexibility and personalisation of service during transition to the new arrangements in extremely tight timescales, with minimum interruption to normal service. – Willie Young, Policy and Resource Convenor Councillor, Aberdeen City Council Finance

Be mobile

Cloud allows your team to work from anywhere, anytime with guaranteed availability and speed. Having cloud as your foundation puts your people first, supporting new ways of working by refreshing business processes and increasing interaction with instant access to shared knowledge with critical applications like Office 365.


Give your team a personal approach to computing with a suite of applications designed to boost social interaction, knowledge sharing and productivity. Our approach to cloud also facilitates shared resources, with the aim of creating a community of cloud users that help each other thrive. Sharing resources also delivers maximum return on investment with economies of scale.

Develop your own software

Helping developers live the dream by providing secure environments with free development toolkits that enable internal IT to focus on the exciting things that matter to their business rather than keeping the lights on. Our hybrid approach is popular with our customers because it combines all the great things about Azure public cloud – applications, scalability and price performance – with the peace of mind of private cloud – including shielded virtual machines, guaranteed availability and excellent bandwidth. Find out how IT are using hybrid models to deliver better value to their businesses.

Scale resources on demand

Our customers love this benefit of cloud because they can increase or decrease their requirements, and as such cost, depending on their business climate. For example, our customers working in oil and gas like this because they can tailor their footprint based on the number of projects running at any given time. Learn how we work with the energy industry here.

What is cloud?

brightsolid cloud diagram_v2

  • brightsolid has delivered consistently throughout the many projects we have worked on. They have a very flexible approach to how they work with us and their technical knowledge is second to none
    Scott Noble, E-Commerce Development, Standard Life

  • The solution provided by brightsolid has been highly reliable with almost 100% availability over the last 24 months. This has been backed by a professional support service brightsolid understand our business and proactively engage with us
    Steve Watt, CIO, University of StAndrews

Is cloud secure?

Security is at the heart of everything we do and one of our six key strategic aims. We are externally audited by Certification Europe and have been accredited ISO 27001:2013 security and ISO 22301:2013 business continuity compliant as well as being a Cyber Essentials Plus Certified organisation.

brightsolid Uptime Institute LogoCyber_Essentials_PLUS_Badge_High_Res     Print





We have experience of hosting up to Government level ‘Secret’, formerly IL4 and our data centres are accredited by the Uptime Institute as Tier III and we offer 99.99% availability in our cloud SLA’s and 100% availability in our Colocation SLA’s. At any point, our customers can audit us by their chosen body.

We guarantee absolutely no packet loss on our networks and provide amplified DDoS protection as standard.

Cloud Whitepaper

Download our 7 critical cloud strategy considerations and learn:

  • Key considerations cloud customers need to be aware of when developing or reviewing their digital strategy
  • How to invest confidently in cloud
  • What our cloud philosophy is and how we set about building our clouds
Download PDF

Which cloud is right for you?

We believe that no one data centre facility can provide the best location to deliver on and surpass all customer workload requirements and needs. Instead, we believe in a hybrid approach that includes our clouds, our customer’s premises and public clouds where appropriate.

Hybrid cloud approach

We support a hybrid cloud approach because not all customers or clouds are created equal. This means we work with our customers to define what a good cloud strategy looks like to them. Often customers choose to put some of their systems in our datacentres with two cloud options, private and multi-tenanted cloud, whilst keeping some of their IT estate on-site.

Customers who live in a dedicated server have the entire server to themselves. Customers who live in multi-tenanted clouds are protected by software defined boundaries and benefit from great cost efficiencies.

Our policy on contention is that we have no contention, so customers are safe in the knowledge that their speed, performance and bandwidth will always be optimal.

Infrastructure-a-a-Service (IaaS)

In this model, we manage everything up to the operating system and our customers have control and responsibility over the virtual operating system as well as any software installed on the virtual machine. This option requires in-house management resource and time, but for customers who want complete control over their software, this is a great option.

Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Managed IaaS means that brightsolid takes responsibility and accountability for the management and availability of the operating system and everything underneath it. This includes patching and monitoring and is a favourite among our customers because it allows them more time and resource to concentrate on the things that matter to their business.