Cloud considerations

Some common questions we hear from customers and critical considerations when choosing a cloud.

Here are our 7 critical cloud considerations when defining your strategy

1. The Cost of Cloud

Does your service partner price match utility cloud? What else is included in the package in terms of support? We’ve heard cases of people being charged for a virtual machine reboot….which should absolutely be included in the support package, that is in turn, included in final cost. We price match Azure, a product we love and use, as well as providing support, backup and DDoS protection included in our price.

2. Amplified DDoS Protection

brightsolid have partnered with an industry leading DDoS Protection Partner to provide a high-performance, stable and secure DDoS Mitigation Solution. This solution uses sophisticated flow-based monitoring, and a global network of DDoS protection centres. The result is that DDoS traffic is detected outside of the brightsolid network and provides brightsolid with the capability to drop the targets traffic to allow the network to continue to operate and to protect brightsolid customers.

Additionally brightsolid can provide a ‘scrubbing’ service to the customer where the customer wishes to have this protection as part of their service with brightsolid.  This entails the  traffic being redirected to a DDoS protection centre where the traffic is then processed (‘scrubbed’) to remove DDoS traffic and return cleansed traffic to its original destination.  brightsolid will offer this service in two forms: an ‘Always on scrubbing service’ or an ‘Incident-based scrubbing service.

3. Government Data Security Assurance

Good cloud partners should have experience of hosting data up to and including Government “official sensitive” security level. This should be supported across all their clouds.

4. DR at a fraction of the cost

It has to be there. Our customers DR clouds are a third of the price of their prime cloud, and sit in whichever of our data centres their prime cloud is not located.

5. Contention

A zero tolerance policy on contention guarantees you get what you pay for.

6. International collaboration

facilitating a gateway to international cloud services across the world is what cloud partners of the future must provide today. We help customers connect to and effectively manage services from across the world in a secure, controlled environment.

7. Proven to be Future Ready

Shielded VM’s, other cool stuff we are doing