Dedicated cloud

Our customers work with our in-house design team to map and implement the right cloud journey for them. Defined by security, performance and availability.

Private cloud customer case study

The Improvement Service

The challenge

The Improvement Service are responsible for the operation and management of myaccount, Scotland’s online identity portal that allows citizens to log in, access and interact with a range of public services. High operational costs coupled with usability and adoption challenges spurred the Improvement Service to refresh and evolve myaccount. The goal was to ensure that myaccount and the data held within it was kept under the highest levels of security, whilst ensuring always on user access and increasing adoption. A core element of the wider Scottish  Identity Assurance Strategy, it was critical that the myaccount project was a success in terms of timescales, budget and desired outcomes.

The solution

With cost, reliability and security key considerations for the Improvement Service, they required a dedicated private cloud environment bespoke to their stringent security conditions. The service level agreement guaranteed 99.99% accessibility, plus the capability to host data in an N3-accredited environment. N3 environments have extremely tight security protocols, only allowing approved data to travel on the network. We successfully delivered this for the Improvement Service by managing and migrating the solution from co-location facilities to a dedicated private cloud in our Tier III data centre facilities.

The result

  • 100% service availability
  • Easy to use. A single sign-on cloud hosted service with improved citizen convenience
  • Lower operational cost. Reduced substantially the Service’s operational footprint and spend, including a 28% annual saving
  • Increased adoption. Introduced improvements to usability and integration capability, improving the Service’s attractiveness to Service Providers and backed by Service Level Agreements

Among the key drivers identified by the Improvement Service when looking to refresh the Service were cost, reliability and accessibility. We’ve been able to deliver on all fronts through our partnership with brightsolid — helping improve significantly the proposition and the appeal of the myaccount service in the process. Cameron Walker, Head of Operations, Improvement Service.


Read the full case study here

Keeping your data safe

Our customers’ trust and peace of mind is our number one priority. That’s why we put security at the centre of everything we do. Our in-house Information and Business Continuity team constantly work to ensure our team and operation surpass the up-most security requirements as set out by the leading governing security bodies, including Certification Europe and Cyber Essentials.

Our data centres are among the most secure and resilient in the country. With experience hosting up to Government Level ‘Secret’, formerly Government Impact Level 4, our customers feel confident that their systems are protected by the experts.

Our facilities, people, processes and procedures are subject to continuous assessment and inspection from external governing bodies. Our most recent accreditation’s include:

Security ISO 27001:2013 
Business Continuity ISO 22301:2012 

Read more about our Tier III data centres here.

Personal service with added extras

Our service desk are based in our Dundee HQ and are a nimble team of cloud ninjas. One of the main reasons customers chose brightsolid as their digital services partner is because of just that, we’re a partner in the truest sense and pride ourselves on our customer relationships and personal approach to business.

Our processes are short and straight forward. Our team are open and available to chat. And our service price includes all support and little extras like backups, DDoS protection and diverse communications.

Future ready design

We recognise that not all clouds are created equal and give our customers the power and control to select what fits their individual requirements. Our in-house team of solutions architects work closely with our customers to ensure that you get the right cloud at the right price. We architect with future capability in mind and always consider how to help you reach a cloud native environment.

Our clouds are built on DELL reference architecture and are certified for Azure Hybrid. The brightsolid infrastructure has been designed and built by some of the world’s leading cloud specialists’ including Terry Storey, Senior Global Microsoft Cloud Architect at DELL, along with our in-house Emerging Technologies and Servers, Storage and Virtualisation team of experts. DELL have reviewed our cloud platforms as the most future ready clouds available on the market today.

This means that our cloud infrastructures are designed with scalability, self-service and secure connections to Azure public cloud at their core, providing our customers with a smooth transition from infrastructure-as-a-service through to a cloud native world.

What are the benefits of dedicated private cloud?

Dedicated private clouds are perfect for customers who have the up-most security concerns because we can architect dedicated clouds on an individual basis to match requirements as well as any specific hardware requirements. Our large customers who have dedicated environments also deliver economies of scale by themselves.

Having a dedicated private cloud also eliminates any noisy neighbour syndrome so performance and bandwidth are guaranteed.

What are the limitations of dedicated private cloud?

The cost of resources isn’t shared. Sometimes, in a virtual private environment (also known as multi-tenanted cloud, isolated by software defined boundaries) there are also more resources to pull on, whereas the dedicated cloud only has those which have been provisioned, such as RAM, CPU and storage. The virtual private environment also allows for more fluid resource expansion when compared to a fixed resource dedicated cloud.

Private cloud model explained

We’ve summarised some key points from our dedicated private cloud SLA’s so you know exactly what to expect from our clouds:

  • Dedicated private clouds compose physically isolated compute resource for a single-tenant, physically or logically isolated storage and physical and/or logical networking services.
  • This cloud infrastructure is either provisioned for exclusive use by a single organisation (single tenanted) or is provisioned for the exclusive use of an agreed community of organisations who have shared requirements (e.g. mission, security requirements, policy and compliance considerations).  Our dedicated private clouds run on both Microsoft Hyper V and VMware hypervisors depending on customer choice.
  • Under a Managed IaaS Model, brightsolid will take on the responsibility for management of the Operating System on the virtual machines (VM), including patching and monitoring. Any configuration changes required to a Managed IaaS VM are managed through brightsolid’s change control process.
  • brightsolid provides the operating system licence for all Managed IaaS Service Models.
  • We use a suite of industry leading monitoring tools to supervise the availability of the fabric of our cloud infrastructures as well as, under a Managed IaaS model, the individual VM’s. Results are collected into a central repository for a clear, single view that enables us to drill down into specific functionality for definitive analysis.