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Solid security, bright future in hybrid cloud

We believe, to best deliver on all workloads and needs, organisations need diversity in the IT stack.

Future proof service providers adopt a hybrid model. This encourages people to put the right IT in the right place. These locations include a customer own premises, public clouds and private data centres.

Solid advances in cloud security

  • Shielded virtual machines that operate on a guarded fabric. This means that only the owner can see what’s inside the machine
  • Complimentary, DDoS protection for all cloud customers. If one of our customers is under attack, we isolate and mitigate that vulnerability so no other customer is negatively affected
  • Backups are included as standard in our pricing model and replicated offsite to a secret location for all cloud customers

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Move at your pace

Move at your pace

Solid cloud bright future roadmap that helps you move to cloud at your own pace

Free DDos Protection

Free DDos Protection

Security is at the heart of everything we do, that’s why we give all our clouds free DDoS protection

Tier III data centres

Tier III data centres

Two Scottish ISO, Tier III data centres strategically placed perfectly for backup and DR

Backups as standard

Backups as standard

Backups are boring, that’s why we take care of them for you and include them as standard in the price

Solid cloud, bright roadmap

Solid cloud, bright roadmap

Ensuring your business performs today and is future proofed for tomorrow

Azure in-house

Azure in-house

Certified for Azure Hybrid cloud, our in-house team are the brightest around with solid experience


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Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

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What is IaaS?

Here, the customer retains management and responsibility of the virtual machine operating system and the software installed on it.

We maintain visibility and management capability up to the hypervisor level only, so that means you are responsible for the operating system and access it through a portal.

In a managed IaaS solution, we take responsibility for and manage the operating system of the virtual machine, including patching and monitoring.

Why our customers choose IaaS:

  • It’s a great first step towards cloud computing
  • Your team retain control
  • You get all the security benefits of a managed solution

Advantages of managed IaaS:

  • Your team are free to focus on architecting solutions rather than server engineering
  • You don’t have to worry about updates, patching or security
  • Nice step towards cloud



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Hosting options for IaaS

Among the key drivers identified by the Improvement Service when looking to refresh the Service were cost, reliability and accessibility. We’ve been able to deliver on all fronts — helping improve significantly the proposition and the appeal of the myaccount cloud service in the process.

Cameron Walker
Head of Operations, the Improvement Service

Dedicated IaaS

Dedicated, or private infrastructure is a server secured by one customer. This private cloud environment is best suited to very large customers with specific hardware requirements and incredibly stringent security measures.

Benefits of dedicated:

  • No chance of ‘noisy neighbour’ syndrome from other customers
  • Can be individually certified for specific security accreditations

Limitations of dedicated?

  • This type of environment is more expensive and can make architecting for resiliency more expensive too
  • May not benefit from the performance benefits delivered by a larger multi-tenanted design

Multi-tenanted IaaS

Multi-tenanted or shared infrastructure is our recommended cloud. In this type of environment, a group of virtual private clouds live on the same server and are securely separated by pre-defined software boundaries.

Benefits of multi-tenanted:

  • Broad design and architecture deliver economies of scale without contention
  • Resiliency and performance benefits that simply can’t be achieved in a dedicated environment
  • Future proofed infrastructure that prepares you for future cloud capabilities

Limitations of multi-tenanted

  • The standardised approach to the hardware means customisation is near impossible…
  • We love to prove the impossible, possible

Public Azure in Scottish data centres

For many of our customers, public clouds like Azure or Amazon Web Services are alien, because no one likes the unknown. Here are some key facts:

  • Amazing development capabilities like writing your own apps so you save on consultancy and upgrades
  • These tools compliment the changing role of IT, from server engineer to solution architect
  • You can take advantage of the existing and free apps already in public cloud to save money

The world is getting cloudy, by slowly incorporating public cloud into a hybrid IT model, you won’t get fogged down

Why Azure Stack?

One of the reasons our customers are warming to public cloud is because they can access it from within our Scottish Tier III, ISO data centres.

Azure Stack is, at a very basic level, a mini version of Azure that runs in our data centres, completely independently of hyper-scale public Azure run by Microsoft, but with all the same capabilities.



Our Emerging Technologies team was one of the first in the world to build a fully operational guarded fabric. Trial it today.

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