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Scottish data centres

100% availability in award winning data centres

Our well-drilled team ensure your data is guarded with an iron clad approach, to first class standards. Receiving the highest level of recognition from industry security gurus like Certification Europe and Cyber Essentials, customers choose brightsolid because of our proactive security protection and improvement processes.

People don’t usually think about IT infrastructure until it stops working. We are the invisible arm of your IT department that ensures your organisation and customers always have what they need without having to think about it.

We have won awards for our data centre solutions because:

  • We surpass the expectations of our customers by smashing lift and shift migration records whilst eliminating risk and remaining flexible
  • We help our customers save money because we use innovative, super cool technology that delivers record low power usage efficiency (PUE) rates. This means it costs us less to cool our data centres and we pass any savings down to you
  • We love all shapes and sizes! Customers can choose between full, half and/or quarter racks

Data centres excite us!

Colocation collaboration has helped our customers better understand their IT estate and spend, whilst giving time back to do what excites them.

Having a colocation partner creates more focus and time for new solutions, ones that help the operation and output of your business really take off. Let us worry about keeping the lights on.

Get in touch to understand what the journey to 100% uptime looks like.

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Tier III Data Centres

Tier III Data Centres

Two Scottish ISO, Tier III data centres strategically placed for backup and DR

Vendor Neutral Connectivity

Vendor Neutral Connectivity

You have a diverse choice of internet providers, including our own core, uncontended network

Industry leading PUE’s

Industry leading PUE’s

We operate a power usage that’s 80% more efficient than the UK data centre average, savings we pass to you

Well-Drilled Team

Well-Drilled Team

Managed by a well-drilled team of security and efficiency experts, your data is in the safest hands

Migration Experts

Migration Experts

All our migrations are completed on time and within budget

Trusted by the Scottish Government

Trusted by the Scottish Government

We house some of the most important data to this country, like the last national census

No challenge too big or small!

No challenge too big or small!

Customers can choose between full, half and/or quarter racks

We’re on the Same Grid as Emergency Services

We’re on the Same Grid as Emergency Services

This means that if there was a national disaster, like a black out, our data centres are first priority to come back online with the police service and hospitals


ISO and Tier Accreditations

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Secure Scottish Data Centres

Tier III colocation Scotland

brightsolid's approach to building and running a data centre is hugely innovative and it has used technology in a way that is extremely beneficial to its customers. We look forward to our continuing work with brightsolid and witnessing its further innovative use of our technology.

Anthony Morgan
Account Manager, Rittal Ltd

Using a data centre in Scotland is important to our customers because they need protected by data regulations they understand. Equally as important, our customers are confident in the people guarding their data and know our team on a first name basis. Personal service and security are at the heart of everything we do.

Our regional approach means that customers can visit our facilities and locally based teams whenever they need to.

Plus, Scotland is cold. The perfect place to run data centres cost effectively and the energy savings we benefit from in our innovative cooling are passed directly back to you.

Download our data centre tech spec for more information

Strategically placed, 70 miles apart, for back up and disaster recovery, our data centres are powered by one of the fastest core networks in the country and operate an N+1 philosophy.

This means that there is absolutely no point of failure in any of our technology, procedures or processes. Every point of our operation has at least one back up or plan B. That’s why we are confident in our 100% uptime promise.

We build our own data centres in locations and facilities that were specifically designed for their purpose.

Checked and certified  to Tier III, our Aberdeen data centre is a great example of how, when you apply new technology in a proven way, you can make the impossible, possible.

Visit our data centre pages to understand what’s bright and solid about our service or see how a Tier III data centre is built with real life build footage from our Aberdeen site.

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Servers with a smile

Now it just works. It’s boring, but that’s okay because boring works.

Brian Docherty
Head of IT, Sparrows

Personal service, technical innovation

We listen to customer needs and use our research and development platforms to launch new products that solve problems. There’s no challenge too small or big for us.

Half and quarter racks are good examples of this:

We identified our market had a need for quarter racks, a non-industry standard request from our smaller sized customers. Within 6 weeks the new product had been successfully passed through our technical and product steering groups as well as testing. The solution was commercially supported and available to buy in lightning speed.

100% availability and performance

For absolute uptime, we use ‘Data Centre Expert 7.3.1’ to monitor and maintain power meters down to a rack level, PUE, cooling, fibre systems, leak detection, switchgear, generators, static transfer switches, UPS systems and environmental monitoring.

Colocation smart hands and value for money

We believe it’s important that customers get what they pay for. For colocation, this means that we charge for power as an average across the service, allowing customers to draw more power in some racks, less in others and still stay within the overall average included in the service.

Our colocation ‘add-ons’ include:

  • Managed tape back-up. Backup tapes are shipped daily to a secret, secure off-site location and is included in the price of our annual service offering.
  • Smart hands. This service includes server re-boots, cabling, equipment inspection and 3rd party, chaperoning in and out of hours and is billed by the hour.
  • For 3rd parties, telecoms providers and customers who require access to the data centre we provide training days focussed on health, safety and security.

Approved and audited by Certification Europe, our procedures and policies provide a regimented environment, yet flexible enough to meet requirements quickly.


We’ve grown up with the internet, our foundations are in connectivity. That’s why we operate some of the best connected, carrier neutral data centres in the country. Running our own uncontended, DDoS protected national network with a team of in-house networkers to help connect you.

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