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Scotland is the new home of the data centre

Discovery and data in Dundee

Dundee has always been known for its heritage in exploration and discovery ever since the Dundee-built ship sailed to the Antarctic. Still anchored in the local River Tay, it provides the city’s innovators with a reminder that the seemingly impossible, is possible.

Moving into the digital age, Dundee has been recognised for its well established and forever growing tech and gaming community with Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto echoing round the world. It makes sense that we are headquartered here in the digital capital of Scotland.

Designed and built in partnership with industry leading partners, our Dundee data centre opened in 2005 and holds a fond place in our hearts as ‘where it all began’. The 185-rack data centre is made up of two physically separate data halls.

Benefits of the Dundee Data Centre

  • We are on the same power grid as Ninewells hospital and Tayside Police, therefore the number one power priority
  • Dundee’s data centre maintains all ISO security and business continuity standards with an iron fist
  • Powered by our resilient core network and vendor neutral catalogue of connectivity providers, our Dundee colocators receive our standard 100% uptime SLA

One small step for man, one giant leap for IT Managers

Dundee Laboratory

We’re proud to be the first Scottish organisation to have developed a fully functional Azure Stack in our Data Centres. This means that companies can buy public Azure cloud from us and access all the development tools and applications of public Azure from within our data centres, under Scottish data protection.

Home to our Head of Emerging Technology, Product and Design divisions, our lab has become the brightsolid birth place of ground breaking services like software defined networking, windows Azure portal and shielded virtual machines (VMs).

For more information on how to blast your company into Azure cyber space through virtualised networking:

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Shielded VMs

Shielded VMs

Perhaps the greatest ever development in server privacy, shielded VMs provide a fully guarded fabric as well as different shielding options. This means that only the owner can see inside the virtual machine (VM), not even us.

We still make sure the VM is available 100% of the time, and can help with anything as and when required, but only with the permission and special keys that the owner holds.

Windows Azure Package (WAP)

Windows Azure Package (WAP)

For customers who want to keep their feet on the ground and build a bridge to cloud gradually, rather than storm trooping their way into public cloud, we have developed Windows Azure Pack.

The pack is a console portal full of key functionality that allows you to access your server from your own desk, performing operations like restarting and backup. Many of our customers who are cloud Jedis in training buy WAP as an introduction to working with cloud.


“Working with brightsolid has revolutionised how our IT team work. We have been able to completely redeploy our resources and focus on moving IT up our value chain”
Brian Docherty, Head of IT, Sparrows

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Dundee data center discovered

  • 185 racks
  • 47u Rack
  • Non-intrusive power monitoring
  • DC1 – 2 x 16amp 8 C13 socket PDU’s
  • DC2 – 2 x 32amp 8 C13 socket PDU’s
  • VESDA – very early smoke detection apparatus
  • NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression
  • DC1 = 500kW IT load (5kW per rack)
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