Aberdeen CoLocation

The first and only Tier III accredited data centre in Scotland that is certified for Azure hybrid cloud and designed for high density IT.

Aberdeen colocation Tier III data centre

What’s the brightsolid value?

Customers have been using our colocation facilities for nearly 20 years and chose brightsolid as their colocation partner because:

  • Our facilities are wholly owned, financially backed by our parent company, DC Thomson and we have complete control over the operation, security and compliance of our centres.
  • brightsolid data centres are world class, achieving accreditation from the Uptime Institute and Certification Europe for operational excellence, security and business continuity.
  • We are green conscious, operating some of the most energy efficient data centres in the country that run a power usage efficiency that’s 80% less than the national average.
  • We are carrier neutral and operate our own nationwide, uncontended network with global links through our range of international partners.
  • brightsolid sits at the centre of a digital partner eco-system, giving our customers more choice, flexibility and the right service they need for their business.
  • Our mission is to deliver technical innovation with personal service, best demonstrated by our personal approach that treats every customer as an individual, valuing relationships.
  • Innovation is at the heart of what we do and we continuously adopt and apply technology in new ways to deliver excellence in business operation and ROI.

Our mission is to deliver technical innovation with personal service. Right now we are working to:

  • Help drive down costs by facilitating cooperation and collaboration through shared resources. We are doing this through our cost performant private network, environmental efficiency savings and intelligent private and hybrid clouds.
  • Increase process and operational efficiency in data storage, analytics and asset management that optimizes production and the delivery of services by providing applications that help our customers teams reach their potential.
  • Facilitate a forum for our customers to discuss their digital realities and learn new skills with knowledge insight from key industry experts like the global cloud architect for Microsoft and DELL clouds, Terry Storey.

Excellence in data centre design and management

brightsolid Aberdeen has been designed to deliver optimum performance levels through a resilient, scalable modular design that allows us to offer a highly flexible deployment environment. The facility holds 400 racks, across two separate halls with a maximum IT load of 1MW per hall.

Technical detail:

  • 2 x 1000kVA Generators SDMO (X1100C): 72 hours fuel capacity
  • 1 x LV panel A F Switchgear (Custom MCCB Switchboard)
  • 1 x 1.6Mva transformer Wilson power solutions (SLT)
  • 3 x 250kVa UPS’s ABB (PowerWAVE 6000): Battery autonomy at end of life = 10mins
  • 2 x STS’s Socomec (STATYS)
  • 2 x Ecofris units: Airedale SmartCool units and condensers
  • VESDA system
  • NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system
  • CCTV units in place and monitored 24/7/365
  • Humidity/Temperature and leak detection sensors
  • Building Management System DCE

Resilient scalable power

The mechanical infrastructure has been designed to meet the day 1 requirement of 500kW across 100 racks. Spare ways are designed into the electrical infrastructure to allow for future generator and UPS capacity as the load increases past 500kW.

We monitor every racks power usage for optimal capacity planning.

In room power distribution via A&B PDU’s allows our customers to connect dual power IT equipment to and A&B supply fed from different PDUs. There has been additional backup provisioned by generators and a redundant UPS solution.

High performance cooling

The data centre cooling is based on an optimised chilled water system that offers maximum energy and cost efficiency. Connected to the internal air handling units the data centre airflow recycles the air within the data hall, never pulling fresh air from out with the facility. This is done by filling the full height of the data hall with air that is drawn through the server equipment and contained in the racks which are connected to chimneys, releasing air into the suspended ceiling where it is drawn back into the hall.

This means that inside air is never mixed with fresh air, standardising the temperature of the data hall for maximum efficiency that dramatically lowers the cooling cost. The power usage efficiency of the new facility will be sub 1.25, 80% less than the national data centre average and a significant saving that we can pass onto our customers.

The system allows for cooling of 25kW per rack, in some cases 30kW. Initially two 500kW systems will be installed with an additional unit installed when the load passes 500kW. The second hall cooling system will be deployed completely independently of the first but on an identical design footprint.

Optimised management and control

All systems are linked to a central Building Monitoring System to give real-time status and performance updates. This means that customers benefit from on-demand availability, reporting and on-going system optimisation throughout the facility including capacity, planning, redundancy and efficiency.

Using VESDA as well as automatic suppression, the fire protection system gives the earliest warning possible and are installed throughout the data centre and all supporting rooms.

Meet Me Room

A “Meet me Room” (MMR) is a physically isolated space within a data centre where telecommunications companies can physically connect with each other, exchanging data without additional loop fees.

This means that any customer in our Aberdeen data centre will be able to quickly and securely transfer data to any other customer in the facility using one of our network carriers, including RigNet and SSE.

The brightsolid team will be the only personnel with security clearance to access the brightsolid MMR, minimising any risk between our customers and telecommunication providers.

Visit our connectivity page for more information about our network.

Leaders in data centre design

Specialists’ in high density IT

After a competitive tendering process Keysource were selected as our build and design partner for brightsolid Aberdeen. With international experience and expertise in high density, innovative data centre design and build, Keysource have developed a set of blueprints that form part of their proven and award winning modular data centre infrastructure.

This approach to data centre design delivers a fast, agile and flexible deployment model. brightsolid customers benefit from tailored resilience, power and space allocation as well as location selection within the hall.

Our blueprint designs for Modular Data Centre Infrastructure ensure we always provide our customers with solutions that meet their specific needs. This simple approach ensures we can continue to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology without compromising on the design, delivery or management.” – Rob Elder, Director, Keysource