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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Your security is our priority.

Brightsolid’s cyber security experts

Shield your organisation from malicious threats and activities 24 x 7 x 365.

With a growing number of assets to monitor and manage, alongside the complexity and sophistication of cyber-attacks and the high number of incidents, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) delivers a dedicated team of experienced cyber security analysts and engineers who will monitor your infrastructure for threats and vulnerabilities and offer prompt and effective threat response that minimises the risk of attacks on your organisation.

How can MDR help your organisation?

MDR delivers a comprehensive cyber security stack and builds defence-in-depth through a multi-layered security approach that structures industry-leading Microsoft security platforms Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender with the expertise of Brightsolid’s Security Operations Centre.
A growth in the number of devices and endpoints mean more alerts and incidents for internal teams to investigate and manage. MDR can monitor and manage these assets and triage and prioritise alerts to ensure that the most urgent incidents are rapidly dealt with, minimising the risk to your organisation.
MDR adds an experienced SOC team to your infrastructure who will undertake threat intelligence, develop use cases, threat hunting and incident containment and remediation activities, which ensures that the organisation is protected from potential threats and risks.
Brightsolid’s SOC monitors and secures your organisation’s infrastructure 24x7x365. Incident response capabilities are available and offers triage, analysis and guidance on remediating urgent or complex cyber security incidents.
Brightsolid’s SOC ensures that SIEM use cases are updated with the latest threats and will support a continual process of increasing cyber maturity. These use cases are aligned to the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) utilised by threat actors, with the goal of uncovering advanced threats that would otherwise remain undetected.
MDR provides insights and time to focus on long-term strategic cyber security plans instead of ‘fire-fighting’ and triaging huge numbers of incident alerts that may not actually be threats to the organisation.

The MDR Platform

Brightsolid’s MDR platform delivers a layered security approach
that protects organisations from cyber security threats and incidents.

MDR Architecture-2

Key Features of MDR


Brightsolid’s Security Operations Centre (SOC)

A team of expert analysts who monitor your organisation’s assets and infrastructure 24x7x365. They are responsible for detecting and analysing potential threats, delivering context around potential incidents and determining the nature of the threat and its impact on your organisation.


Reduce the time to respond to threats.

MDR has Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities that can automate and provide a rapid response during times when there are high volumes of potential incidents. SOAR playbooks act as a first responder to isolate assets, which leads to faster threat mitigation.


Built on the industry-leading Microsoft Security Platform

Brightsolid SOC uses the Microsoft Sentinel platform to access security analytics and threat intelligence delivered by Microsoft 365 Defender, which delivers data and insights from cloud, on-premises assets, users, devices, applications and platforms that can generate and send logs. The cyber security analysts will evaluate the data to detect malicious activities.


In-depth incident response minimises escalation of threats.

Brightsolid can deliver Incident Response activities that offer triage, analysis and guidance on remediating urgent or complex cyber security incidents. Cyber security experts will offer guidance around live incident response activities and post-incident forensics, ensuring that incidents are handled immediately and effectively.

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