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Managed Hybrid Cloud Services

Dynamic Environments. Real Results.

We Consult

We provide cloud strategy and professional services to help you visualise, plan and implement the cloud environment you need to achieve your goals.

We Design & Build

We design and build well architected hybrid cloud environments to fit your business. And if that includes migration, we’ll successfully move you to your new cloud model.

We Manage

Keeping the lights on is no longer enough. Our managed services ensure your environment is performant, resilient and secure, but is also a catalyst to drive transformation.


We’re all about getting cloud right. Because cloud enables business strategies – whether that’s saving money, driving growth, being more innovative or powering a wider digital transformation programme.

Whatever your stage of cloud adoption, a clear strategy and roadmap can help you visualise and achieve the success you want. Our experts can help define your vision, assess your cloud maturity, write your cloud strategy and more. Working together, we’ll ensure you have the right mix of cloud services that will turn your IT environment into a catalyst for the change you want to see. We’ll be with you every step of the way; from planning through implementation, execution and beyond.

And if you’ve already dipped your toe in the water and are wondering what’s next; we can assess if your current environment or proof of concept is well architected, and make recommendations around security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation.

Potential. Met.

Design & Build

You need to know that your cloud environment is aligned to your goals. That’s why we start with discovery to listen to your needs, then design and build your environment around those goals.

We do this using a combination of our years of experience and the AWS well-architected framework. This provides the assurance that you’ll get a hybrid cloud environment with the security, reliability and operational performance you require, optimised for performance and cost.

And if you’re looking to start with a cloud proof of concept (POC), then look no further. We’re experienced in delivering successful POCs to our clients that prove the concept and more.

We’ll ensure you get a cloud environment that actually fits your business.

Cloud Foundations

With the large number of design choices, setting up your cloud environment involves a lot of time and deep technical knowledge.

We’ve automated the set-up of your cloud environment to run the services you need with the right connectivity, security, compliance, cost and integration controls.

Our Cloud Foundations service ensures you are set up for the future. Starting right means that you can accelerate your cloud projects into production, avoid re-work and achieve your business outcomes faster.

Cloud Migrations

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to migration.

Whether you’re going from physical-to-cloud, colocation-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud, we’ve done it all and we’re here to manage this transition for you.

Our migration service provides full planning, support and implementation to successfully move you to your new compliant, secured, managed cloud model.

You can be assured that our proven approach will lead to a successful outcome.


When it comes to securely managing your hybrid cloud environment, you’re in safe hands. We ensure your environment is performant, resilient and secure, but is also a catalyst to drive the transformation you want.

Let's look at the basics:


Managed Backups

You want peace of mind to ensure your data is safe and protected, whilst meeting your regulatory requirements. We ensure the right data is backed up, for the right amount of time, and verified accordingly. Your data will be secure and ready to restore should you need it.


Managed Patching

The ever-growing threat landscape means patching is vital. But it is painful, and often resource intensive. We can take this pain away. By regularly patching your environment we protect you from the latest threats and ultimately reduce your risk.


Monitoring & Alerting

If things are going to go wrong, you want to know about it before it impacts your business and customers. We take a proactive approach to monitoring and alerting, with best-in-class integrated systems, there to prevent downtime, not just report on it.

Hybrid cloud means choosing the right mix of cloud for you. With choice sometimes comes complexity. We make your complex simple by managing:



We understand security and compliance and will help you identify and manage threats. Our security and compliance services secure your hybrid environment and mitigate risks you may face.



Connectivity is the glue in your hybrid cloud environment. Our comprehensive range of network services will ensure your business, customers and partners are connected reliably and securely to your hybrid cloud environment.


Disaster Recovery

Hybrid cloud offers a number of new and cost-effective disaster recovery options. We can tailor an approach to meet your unique recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO) and budget.


Cost Optimisation

Cloud can become expensive if consumption and cost are not proactively managed. Through continual cost optimisation we tune your resources to ensure you only pay for what you need.