Our Head of Emerging Technologies, Kenny Lowe, and Head of Products, Lisa Clark were in the United States last month for Microsoft’s Azure Stack Airlift Conference, an invitation only event providing early insight into building and operating Azure Stack. Sharing their thoughts and knowledge here, read on understand what Azure Stack is and how its set to help.

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Azure Stack Airlift
  1. Many are excited about Azure Stack, few truly understand it

With over 1,000 people attending Microsoft’s Azure Stack Airlift conference, there is certainly a lot of buzz around Azure Stack. Despite this excitement, few truly understand Azure Stack and its capabilities.

Lisa Clark enthuses, “the way I describe Azure Stack to non-technical people is that you’re effectively taking the capabilities of Public Azure and shrinking it down so that it can be delivered from regional data centres. While this does no justice to the effort and complexity it takes to deliver the service, it helps people visualise more clearly what it is!”

Azure Stack brings Cloud Native capabilities such as Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to the regional data centre. Issues like latency and data sovereignty are no longer a barrier to adoption.


  1. Businesses need help understanding how to adopt Azure

After attending Airlift, Kenny told us that “Azure Stack is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the industry. Therefore, organisations looking to adopt it should think long and hard about what they’ll use it for. They need to understand what is, just as much as they need to understand what it is not.”

We’re currently sharing our knowledge with businesses through complimentary Azure Stack Workshops. If you’d like to book one, simply email us at getintouch@brightsolid.com.


  1. Try it out

One of the key lessons that we’ve been passing on to customers at our workshops is that testing out Azure Stack is the best way to learn from it.

Lisa suggests customers “take a use case like a legacy app, try Azure Stack’s PaaS services and bring real value to your production”.


  1. Azure Stacks up

Kenny was particularly excited about added benefits Azure Stack brings to existing infrastructures.

He told us, “Some of our customers have been asking why they need Azure if they already have infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Azure brings another element to your hybrid cloud model- PaaS and SaaS. The free applications and development opportunities available in Azure Stack are like nothing customers can get in just an IaaS model. Not all clouds are equal. Azure Stack gives a truly personalised experience.”


  1. Azure Stack from regional data centres enables Bimodal IT

Bimodal IT is a concept which is beginning to be widely recognised in the IT community. The idea behind it is that there are two stems of IT. Mode 1, which focuses on traditional methods and Mode 2, which focuses on adopting effective new, innovative solutions.

Mode 1 could be your traditional infrastructure-as-a-service or on premise, while Mode 2 would be newer, cloud native capabilities. The challenge lies in tying these two complimenting but technically different agendas together.

According to Lisa, “Azure stack presents a real step towards Bimodal IT. With Azure Stack, Businesses will be able to feel the reliability and security of local data centres, while enjoying SaaS and PaaS capabilities usually only reserved for public cloud.”

Watch Kenny and Lisa in Action at Azure Stack Airlift

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We’d love to teach you more about Azure Stack with a complimentary workshop.The two hour workshop is run by our Head of Emerging technologies and our Head of products.

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What will you learn?

  • Key cloud market trends for 2017/18
  • How to take advantage of public cloud from a secure, Scottish data centre
  • What are the advantages: features and enablers for different teams
  • Understanding and overcoming the risks
  • How other organisations have designed their pick and mix cloud journey
  • Opportunities for developers
  • How to combat shadow IT

What will we learn?

  • Better understand Azure Stack use cases to ensure we have the right offering
  • What we need to add to our portfolio to meet you at any stage of your IT journey
Aberdeen City Azure

Aberdeen City Council enjoying their Azure Stack workshop.


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