As part of our Social Responsibility program, we donated some of our time and expertise to teach local charity Volunteer Dundee about best practices in marketing. The workshop brought together 25 charities and social enterprises. In this guest blog, Volunteer Dundee’s Nikolaos Xylopolitos gives his key takeaways from the workshop.

Volunteer Dundee Workshop

Last month, we hosted a wonderful and informative session on marketing, led by brightsolid’s marketing team. The workshop aimed to share best practice knowledge in a simple and adaptable way to members of the community sector.  The day aimed to bring closer two seemingly distant sectors through sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and developing skills! So, let’s have a quick look at what we learnt on the day.

Content Marketing or How to get your Organisation out there!

  • Usually Marketers like to use complex language and jargon in regards to what “Content Marketing” actually is, despite the fact that it is actually quite simple.
  • Content is just “stuff” you put online. These can be blog articles, pictures, videos, white papers, graphs, or infographics. Local examples of good content marketing include Forgans in Broughty Ferry using live streaming video on Facebook, or Shackleton, a Dundee based IT company who have a good set of articles on their blog.
  • Content Marketing is a game changer. Unlike traditional marketing methods that want to get our attention by interrupting us, content marketing is based on its attractiveness. People want to find you online. They want to find the blogs you’ve written, the pictures of your staff you’ve put up and the videos of the great charity work you’re carrying out.
  • It’s cheaper than traditional forms of advertising and 3rd sector organisations should take advantage of this. Also, it can help any organisation open up to the public, showing people what their company is like can make anyone stand out.
  • Free digital tools to help you enhance your content: Canva (online photo editor and picture maker), Mailchimp (e-mail marketing tool), Facebook Live (share what are you up to in real time) and Google Analytics (help you measure your online presence and performance).
  • Steps towards good content marketing: First, identify a digital champion. Second, clarify your goal; what is that you want to achieve? Third, make a plan, a simple strategic plan. Fourth, stick with your plan!

Marketing Challenges in the Third Sector

  • Three marketing channels to focus on: E-mail marketing, Events, and Partnerships.
  • In order to deliver your key objectives, work on what you want to achieve; don’t do things just for the sake of doing them. Utilise the network you already have and build on it. Try to always develop and expand your knowledge and skills.

Culture as the main driving force of any organisation

  • Build your organisational culture by focusing on attracting and keeping talent. Base the development of your organisations culture on values and innovation.
  • The SCARF model, describes the social concerns that drive human behaviour: Status (relative importance to others); Certainty (predicable, clear vision for the future); Autonomy (sense of control over events); Relatedness (Sense of safety with others-of friend rather than foe); Fairness (a perception of fair exchanges or contribution between people).
  • Keeping the employees motivated by using the AMP model. Autonomy: freedom of work; Mastery: providing the opportunity to develop something they are experts at and truly care about; Purpose: feeling committed to a higher purpose that matters to the organisation and is admired by colleagues.
  • Before planning any new strategy or taking any new actions make sure you have the right culture in place.

If you have business knowledge you think local charities could benefit from hearing, have a chat with Volunteer Dundee. Email