brightsolid is delighted to announce that Family House is now live on the Apple App Store or to play via Facebook. The mobile app, created and developed in-house by a close knit team of experts, is a free-to-play game innovation that uses emerging technologies to deliver historical, educational content to the end user.

The game’s concept is based on ‘doll house’ games where players can build their own digital community/family by creating their dream home and family – from all generations. The idea will hopefully inspire younger users to actively engage with their family history and learn more about what happened to people living in different ages.

doll house game

Family House has been developed using a ‘lean’ development methodology harnessing a large number of test users to shape and inform early development. Small prototype versions, designed to reap the maximum amount of learning using the least amount of effort, were released to a test audience last year. The team then carefully measured and analysed the player’s behaviour, learning from each result. The lessons learned fed back into the larger design making the game one which has been truly shaped by the wants and needs of its players.

family house 3

What started as an inventive product concept has matured, and been refined into a contemporary, ‘for the user’ product. The team are still innovating and developing the product in line with customer feedback, and over the next year they will add additional material designed to optimise user behaviour.

Family House is fast becoming the best on-line doll’s house app in the world, and is expected to attract very high traffic levels over the next 2 years. Most will use Family House for fun, but many will use it to reach out to their younger family members and teach them about their own history. brightsolid is committed to delivering emerging technologies and innovative applications in cloud that hold real user value for both consumer and business markets, Family House reflects this mission.

Family House is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store or to play via Facebook.

family house 1