IT Trends

Last week, brightsolid had the pleasure of being invited to Edinburgh by Scotland IS for a workshop on IT trends. The session focused on IT trends for businesses and in 2017 and was run by Richard Marshall, a Managing Vice President of Gartner. This blog details what we learned from a truly informative session.

  1. The future is coming fast. Rather than fear it, you should embrace it as a friend

In a previous blog, we talked of how brightsolid’s friend, advisor and former board member Chris van der Kuyl- who believes that innovation is at the fastest pace it’s ever been and the slowest pace it will ever be from now on. Marshall passionately echoed this sentiment.

The future is moving fast, you must choose how you and your organisation embrace it. Marshall’s advice is to embrace it as a friend and readily adopt new technologies.

Here at brightsolid, we understand the importance of embracing change. Not only do we have an incredibly future focused CEO in Richard Higgs; we also have an Emerging Technologies department. The Emerging Technologies department focusses on refining and evolving proven solutions for our customers today and testing, developing and discovering the latest innovations to ensure we can serve our customers need in five years’ time.

  1. Enterprises must adapt the working culture of their IT departments to keep up

For Marshall, it’s the way that IT departments operate that need to change. IT Departments are given an incredible amount of responsibility and are expected to “just work”. Quite often, they aren’t given the budget or space necessary to take risks. If IT departments are going to bring about innovation, they need to be free to be experimental and try new things.

We’re seeing this with a lot of our customers as they embrace their journey to the cloud. Engineers are being up-skilled so that they can provide innovative solutions, rather than merely doing systems upkeep and “keeping the lights on”.

  1. Cyber security is more critical than ever

With self-driving vehicles and millions of devices connected through the Internet of Things, security is touching more layers than ever before. This, combined with high profile hacks, DDoS attacks and cyber warfare has made cyber security the number 1 item on every CIO’s agenda.

At brightsolid, security is at the heart of everything we do- you could say it’s part of our core DNA. One thing that has got us particularly excited is Shielded VMs. Through collaborative efforts with Microsoft team, the brightsolid team were able to produce the world’s first guarded fabric in 2017.

  1. Technology isn’t really about technology, it’s about people

Marshall was quick to point out that having new technology doesn’t amount to much if isn’t designed with the users in mind. Similarly, you should only be adopting tools to your business if your employees are capable of using them. User experience is the glue that holds technology together.

  1. The digital future isn’t just for the techies, it’s for everyone

Scotland IS’s Chief Executive, Polly Purvis, made a great point: in a digital future, we need to make sure that no one is left behind, and ensure everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of digital technologies.

We’re extremely passionate about this, with large parts of our Corporate Social Responsibility activity dedicated to it. With data centre tours, code clubs and workshops with colleges, we hope to play a part in bridging the digital skills gap that exists in our society today.

  1. IBM Watson is becoming a health specialist

IBM’s super computer Watson, is currently being used in health to support the oncology community. The computer analyses masses of information before making individualised recommendations for doctors on treatments for patients

  1. Robots can be for good, too…

When people think of robots, they may think of scary sci-fi thrillers and Skynet, but Marshall provided a story about robots that warmed our hearts.

The Inmoov “Robots for Good” project uses VR and robots. The idea is that hospital bound kids can control these robots to get experiences they wouldn’t normally be able to get. For example, they can use VR to control a robot and tour a zoo.


Thank you to Mr Marshall and Scotland IS for a fantastic event on IT Trends. 

If you’re preparing to face any of these future IT challenges, we’d love to hear from you on If innovation interests you, why not watch our video about Shielded VMs.