What are Cross Connects?

What are Cross Connects?

A Cross Connect is the name for the end-to-end process of connecting two points in a data centre.

This connection could be from one customer to another customer, from a customer to brightsolid’s core network or a customer to the Communications room.

Cross Connects facilitate this connection for customers within our Data Centre via a Meet-Me Rack.

What is a Meet-Me Rack?

A Meet-Me Rack is a separate cage used to facilitate connectivity between two different infrastructures.  This is commonly between a customer rack and a telecommunications provider or separate customers within the Data Centre.

What are the benefits to the customer?

  • Safety by separation: Your kit will always be separated from the Communication provider’s kit.
  • Security: The only persons authorised to access the Meet-Me Racks are brightsolid engineers.
  • Management and monitoring: Our experienced brightsolid engineers will monitor and manage the connectivity on your behalf and facilitate the direct connections between your rack and the telecommunication provider’s rack.
  • Low latency: brightsolid cross connects offer customers low latency.
  • Easy access to new service: Whether it’s provisioning our brightsolid cloud or various IaaS offerings, our cross connects service allows you to switch to new services quickly and easily.

How does it work?

In the diagram below, you can see an example of a customer using our cross connect service to connect their collocated rack to a telecommunication provider.

The telecommunication providers are kept separate from the main data hall in Comms Rooms. This means that when engineers from the telecommunication providers come into the facility, they don’t have to enter the main data centre.

The telecommunication providers are patched from the comms room into a Meet-Me Rack in the main Data Centre. From this Meet-Me Rack, we can easily and safely patch telecommunications providers to our customers.

As well as providing separation, Meet-Me Racks allow us to effectively manage our cables, saving space and keeping the Data Centre cool as possible.

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