The storage solution that never runs out of space

We felt boxed-in by storage barriers… until we met InfiniBox

We work in industries where availability and access is critical, in some cases, like the NHS and large oil and gas operators, it can mean life or death. Our customers, like the Scottish Government, also generate incredible amounts of data that need to be kept for significant time periods and therefore, we have to provide a storage service that has, in theory, infinite space with the ability to scale down again.

Our customer promise of ‘operational excellence and security, underpinned by fine value’ is made possible by our team, and over the years, they’ve worked with pretty much every storage platform going.

We needed a storage that really took-off internally and, with our customers. Our storage service has to deliver in three critical areas: reliability, improved performance and competitive pricing.

99.99999% availability

99.99999% availability

One giant leap towards our vision of absolute SLA availability everywhere.

High performance

High performance

Significantly improved IT performance meaning operational risk reduces

Outstanding cost

Outstanding cost

Savings that brightsolid are able to pass down to customers.



Scalability that we haven’t found anywhere else.

InfiniBox delivered the high performance and reliability we require, as we serve some of the most data-intensive industries, the energy sector being one of them. Flexibility is one of our key priorities, as well as scalability and InfiniBox, meets these requirements, particularly where customers need to quickly spin resources up and down depending on business demand and budget.
James Harper, Senior Systems Engineer


Where did Infinidat come from and what is the Infinibox?

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Infinidat was founded in 2011 by a team of storage and industry experts focused on helping customers eliminate compromises between cost, capacity, functionality and performance when it comes to their storage, enabling them to focus more on what makes them competitive.

Infinibox features predictable high performance, scalability to multiple petabytes in a single 42U rack, 99.99999% uptime. Organisations can lower both the cost and complexity of storage operations.

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Solid solutions and the InfiniBox benefit

Storage-as-a-Service powered by Infinibox:

  • Buy what you need now without having to worry about hardware costs
  • Remove the pain of maintenance and management of hardware
  • A simple pricing model with value that leaves you star struck
  • All data remains in Scotland within our Tier III accredited, wholly owned data centres
  • You can expand or reduce what you need, when you need

Important technical capabilities:

  • Capacity – Multiple petabytes of capacity in a single 42U rack
  • Storage designed for all types of protocols: Fibre channel, iSCSI, NFS and FICON
  • Simplicity – Full automation and ease-of-use management and provisioning capabilities
  • Performance – Ultra-high throughput and performance, with microsecond latency along with the fastest rebuilds in the industry

brightsolid’s storage requirements are continuously growing as new customers come on board and requirements of existing ones grow. Additionally uptime is critical for any cloud partner.

Even though brightsolid utilises different hardware stacks, we take advantage of Cisco and Infinidat as our premium option to deliver maximum uptime.

Working with Infinidat we will continue to deliver on our mission and customer promise; technical innovation with personal service that supports security and operational excellence underpinned by fine value.

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