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The most secure cloud on the planet

Test out the most secure cloud computing experience in the world with Windows Server 2016 now

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The foundations of Windows Server 2016 was crafted with a guarded fabric and has been designed for shielded virtual machines (VM’s) and Storage Replica. The guarded fabric means that the only the owner of the virtual machine can see what’s running on it unless they give others permission, even the service provider can’t see inside.

  • Completely shields the contents of a VM from the fabric on which it runs
  • Ensures complete data assurance in a multi-tenanted infrastructure
  • Only the owner of the VM has any access to it
  • Even fabric admins have no window into the VM
  • Non shielded VMs still inherit many security benefits by running on a guarded fabric

Watch our Shielded VM video to find out more about this exciting new technology.

Storage Replica

  • Synchronous or asynchronous, block level, storage agnostic replication built into Windows Server 2016
  • brightsolid use this across sites to enable seamless cross-site data assurance with zero RPO
  • Customers can test Storage Replica themselves between two test VMs to enable protection of data

These new VM’s are transforming cloud computing by alienating traditional security risks associated with the cloud.

Key benefits

  • The most secure cloud on the planet – even if the impossible happens and the encrypted data is stolen, it cannot be run on any other hardware
  • Complete control – define your own storage and backup requirements easily… that just work

Try a guarded fabric, free for 30 days with us, before you invest

What to expect from secure cloud

  • On-boarding discovery session and regular check ins with Lisa, our Head of Products.
  • Ongoing technical support from David, our Emerging Technology Engineer. All customer trial feedback will be built into our improvement programme.
  • Free cloud strategy advice throughout your trial from our Emerging Technologies Team.
  • A no obligation quote from brightsolid.

Windows Cloud
With cloud technology people can access a collaborative platform for enabling people and teams to operate from anywhere, anytime with secure access to all the applications and files they need.

Technical Specifications of Windows Server 2016:

  • A choice of 1 or 2 virtual machines (VM’s) on the brightsolid cloud through an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model
  • In a managed IaaS model brightsolid takes responsibility for deploying the virtual machine, managing the operating system, including the patching and monitoring. Anything else installed onto the virtual machine is managed by the customer. In a purely IaaS model, the customer manages the entire virtual machine
  • Virtual Machine – maximum of 2 per customer, CPU – max of 4 cores per VM, max of 16GB RAM per VM, max of 100GB Storage per VM
  • Both models have a remote access control portal that enables full administrator rights for the virtual machine

If you would like 2 VM’s, each with a different operating system, this can be discussed with a member of our team.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – We know what we are talking about!

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – We know what we are talking about!

Our Head of Emerging Technologies, Kenny Lowe, is the first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP, cloud and datacenter Management) in Scotland, receiving the award for his outstanding contributions to cloud and data centre services.

The award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who share their remarkable passion, real world knowledge, and technical expertise with others through exemplary commitment.

In particular, Kenny’s award relates to his involvement launching the first production ready environment of Windows Server 2016 to host Shielded VMs and Storage Replica, getting brightsolid recognised as one if the first Microsoft Cloud OS Partners in Scotland and advising external IT teams on how to roadmap their journey to the cloud.

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