Martin Currie

Martin Currie
brightsolid partnered effectively with Martin Currie to provide a secure and very smooth migration of our mission-critical IT services. David Johnstone, Head of IT

Martin Currie, the active equity specialists based in Edinburgh, had their critical infrastructure colocated in data centres in Leeds and Manchester. Martin Currie were keen to move this infrastructure to a colocation provider based in Scotland to be closer to their team, as well as build a relationship with a responsive, culturally aligned, customer-focused partner.

After a review of Scottish colocation and cloud providers, Brightsolid were selected as Martin Currie’s new colocation partner. The decision was made thanks to Brightsolid’s credibility, impressive and secure data centre facilities in Dundee and Aberdeen, and strong network connectivity.

A first step was to migrate Martin Currie’s existing colocated infrastructure to the Brightsolid Dundee data centre, with assurance provided through disaster recovery provision at the Brightsolid Aberdeen data centre. Brightsolid provided consultancy throughout the migration to ensure it was planned and executed around business needs, and delivered with minimal disruption to business operations.

It was important to Martin Currie that Brightsolid were also able to provide value-added colocation services, including management and monitoring of virtual machines located in the Martin Currie infrastructure environment. This vital service, delivered by skilled and accredited Brightsolid engineers, freed up internal Martin Currie IT resources from this often reactive and time-consuming task to focus on other business priorities.

Connectivity was also an important factor; Brightsolid helped Martin Currie redesign their Wide Area Network, providing internet connectivity through the Brightsolid core network. This significantly reduced latency associated issues which then markedly improved performance for Martin Currie end users.

The programme was an overall success, delivered on scope, on time, and within budget, with minimal disruption to business operations. Martin Currie are also now in a strong position to consider future migration of their remaining legacy equipment to further drive their journey to the cloud.

Martin Currie realised a number of benefits, thanks to the Brightsolid partnership;

  • Improved responsiveness and customer-focused relationship management
  • Easier access to critical infrastructure housed locally in Scotland
  • Local brightsolid technical engineers with a deep understanding and ownership of the environment
  • Tangible cost savings and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improved service metrics and management information