Sparrows Group

With a cloud-first strategy defined, Sparrows Group needed a credible cloud solutions provider based in Scotland to help them execute this approach and start them on their journey to the cloud.

Sparrows Group
Typically, people don’t think about infrastructure until it stops working. Now, it always works. It’s boring, but that’s okay because boring works. Brian Docherty, Head of IT

The Sparrows Group, based in Aberdeen, provides engineered products and services to the global energy industry and are specialists in delivering integrated engineering solutions. With a strong track record of innovation, they had a clear IT strategy based around cloud-first, and needed a partner to help them execute this approach and begin their cloud journey.

Brightsolid was engaged as Sparrows Group partner, thanks to their track record of successful delivery of cloud solutions in Scotland, combined with their secure data centre facilities in Aberdeen and Dundee.

Provisioned from our Aberdeen Data Centre, Sparrows were able to put their infrastructure on Brightsolid’s cloud. This move was transformational for Sparrows, allowing them to spend more time on applications which the business and their customer experience, rather than constantly maintaining legacy applications.

Location was very important for Sparrows Group – ideally they wanted to find a cloud solutions partner who was also based in Aberdeen to allow them to build a close partnership with the provider of choice.

Connectivity was also of critical importance to Sparrows Group and a contributing factor to the partnership decision. Many of the Sparrows Group customers and partners were located in Aberdeen, and the Brightsolid Aberdeen Data Centre offered the benefit of a geographic communications hub, providing unrivalled connectivity and cloud services to the local area. Security and data sovereignty was a must for the Group, and knowing their data not only secure in Scotland but in a data centre that they could physically visit was key.

As a first step on their journey to the cloud from an infrastructure perspective, Brightsolid worked closely with Sparrows to select and optimise an enterprise cloud solution to best suit their needs for hosting their core production systems. The Brightsolid enterprise cloud also provided the ability for the Sparrows Group team to self-manage their operating system via self-service capability.

Business assurance was another critical factor for the Sparrows Group, and with this in mind, enterprise backup services were provided on the Brightsolid secondary data centre site in Dundee. This was then adopted as policy by Brightsolid to ensure all our enterprise cloud data centre customers have absolute peace of mind.

In delivering an effective and reliable cloud infrastructure, this helped build trust and confidence in the cloud journey for Sparrows Group, with the Sparrows team describing the move from legacy infrastructure to the Brightsolid enterprise cloud as a ‘game changer’.