Security Services

Security Services

Multi-layered security options to protect what’s important to your business

Security Consultancy

Security is top of mind for IT professionals, with a recent Forbes magazine survey suggesting that 66% believe security is their most significant concern in adopting an enterprise cloud computing strategy. Our Brightsolid cloud security experts work with you to help reduce your risk, enhance your compliance posture and increase peace of mind with cloud computing.


Many businesses are turning to backup-as-a-service as a solution to eliminate the heavy-lifting of managing data protection and backups in-house. The benefits are clear; simplified data protection, improved recovery success and predictable costs.

Brightsolid’s backup-as-a-service delivers efficient Virtual Machine (VM) and physical back-ups, with fast and flexible recovery and advanced replication features. In addition, if you want to invest in backup technology we can provide consultancy and services to support you every step of the way.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is a necessity for businesses with Gartner estimating 40 percent of businesses that lose their data in a disaster go out of business within 5 years. Brightsolid’s disaster recovery services provide you peace of mind by minimising the impact of any disaster.

With a range of replication options, we ensure your services are instantly recoverable in one of our geographically separate, secure data centres, helping you meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) targets.

We will also work with you to ensure your disaster recovery is effective in practice by regularly testing your solution and process for invoking disaster recovery.


Patching services from Brightsolid remove the administrative overhead on IT Operations staff to ensure IT systems remain compliant and secure. We manage the patching of your infrastructure via our integrated Patch Management tools, ensuring your services are more reliable, your systems more secure and your teams are freed from this resource intensive, time consuming task.


Ensuring your infrastructure is actively monitored for and protected against viruses and malware is key to ensuring the safety and security of your data. Brightsolid uses enterprise-class antivirus software with advanced heuristics to ensure the latest endpoint protection is available for our customers’ environments.

Secure Build & Storage

Our customers often need a secure space to store and build equipment that they are co-locating with us. Brightsolid provides secure space to store your equipment until you are ready to add it to your colocation environment. When you need to be on-site we can provide a secure space for you or your suppliers to build your equipment before transferring it to your co-located racks.

DDoS Protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are growing in size, frequency and complexity and no business is immune to the lost productivity and revenue that an attack can cause.

Brightsolid is well positioned to protect our customers from threat – our DDoS Flow-Based monitoring tools and Network Security Operations Centre provide early detection and visibility of attacks. We mitigate the impact of proposed attacks, with capability to re-route bad traffic through 11 global scrubbing centres and allow legitimate traffic to proceed.

Email Security Services

Mail security is essential to minimising risk and protecting your business from a wide variety of threats. Brightsolid email security services provide critical defences against all email-borne threats. These range from protection services around common email issues such as spam, spear phishing and ransomware, to solutions to safeguard your wider organisation including Data Loss Protection (DLP) policy management and Policy Based Encryption.