What we do

We work in partnership with businesses of all sizes to deliver cost saving technology for agile, collaborative ways of working that empower teams to deliver greater value and an enhanced customer experience.

Helping you make the right first step toward cloud – we’re here for the journey

We believe that not all clouds are created equal and there’s no one data centre that can deliver on all customer workloads and needs. We offer private clouds from our own data centres as well as public clouds and customer on-premise environments.

Hybrid cloud model

Working in close partnership with our customers, we integrate a broad range of services under one SLA, with us as the single provider, to deliver a best of all worlds approach in cost, support, security and performance. This is our hybrid model. Our customers like this approach because it’s flexible and as we work together to design the right solution, we really get to know their team and business. Ultimately, the hybrid approach gives you control and choice.

Moving to cloud

Jumping straight into a fully cloud native world can have hidden costs because traditional, yet still critical, enterprise applications were not developed in a cloud native environment. This means that applications can consume enormous amounts of power, which is expensive, and don’t always perform at their best.

The solution is a gradual move towards a cloud native world. Starting with a managed private cloud environment (managed infrastructure-as-a-service) that has the core elements of cloud, like control and self serve. Options for connecting to cloud native environments through the network layer provide secure access to public cloud and the suite of applications in Azure, for example.

get in touch To speak to our Head of Emerging Technologies, Kenny Lowe about how our hybrid clouds are designed for scalability and flexibility or view our journey to Azure flyer here.

Digital services that reduce cost and increase performance

IT has not got cheaper in the last five years. Instead, we’ve seen savings in hardware eroded by an increase in both software and team costs. Without exception, our customers must save money and to do this they need:

  • Technology that powers their business without massive roll out, training and upgrade costs’
  • Transparency in terms of what is really included in the price, especially where support is concerned
  • Absolute assurance that the solution you choose is the right one for your business today and in 5 years time

Green data centre technology

Our Ecofris cooling technology means that our data centres operate at a power usage efficiency of sub 1.25. That’s 80% less than the UK national average. The cost saving we gain from our low power usage is passed down to you so that not only are your racks affordable, but powerful. We can cool up to 25Kw per rack, making high density IT operationally excellent and deflationary in price. Visit our data centre pages for more information.

One supplier, one SLA, one cost

One of the reasons customers choose brightsolid as their digital partner is because we can deliver an end to end service, including applications, without involving multiple sub contractors. This makes for a really strong partnership as we work with our customers on every workload and truly understand their business.

Drop us an email today for a copy of our standard SLA getintouch@brightsolid.com

Security at the heart of everything we do

Our main priority is to protect your data and critical systems. One of the six key strategic aims in our business is to put security and business continuity at the forefront of everything we do. We make sure we uphold the highest level of cyber security and business continuity by following the gold standards set out by Certification Europe and Cyber Essentials as well as any other organisation our customers would like to have audit our facilities.

Our customers can audit our data centres, at any time, by the governing body of their choice.

What do ISO accreditation’s mean?

For information security management, the ISO 27001 standard sets out the requirements for establishing, completing and maintaining an information security management system that is continuously reviewed and improved where possible.  The adoption of this system must be a strategic one and the design and implementation of the system is defined by the organisations needs, processes and security procedures. Click here to view our ISO 27001 certificate.

Business continuity management ISO 22301 is awarded to those organisations who demonstrate to legislative authorities that they are adhering to the very best in business continuity management and practice. Click here to view our ISO 22301 certificate.

get in touch To ask our Information Security management experts exactly how we protect our customers and ourselves.

Get anywhere in the UK in less than 20 milliseconds on our network

brightsolid’s core network is used by organisations like Alliance Trust, the NHS and Aberdeen City Council to ensure their data and systems are always available and protected. Our diverse network provides industry leading latency, zero packet loss and amplified DDoS protection as standard.

We have been operating our virtual network for over 20 years and our vendor diversity means that our network can never fail, assured with added failover management for our London link.

Visit our UK network map here.

Our in-house team of engineers can help you choose the right solution for your business

Our in-house design team work closely with our customers to craft the right solution for their business needs from the very first conversation. We’re proud of our talent and have a wide range of technical expertise including certified engineers in Windows, VMware, Solaris, Linux, CISCO, Checkpoint, Oracle, Veeam, DELL, IBM, Nimble, multiple applications and much more. Here are a couple of our team.

Cloud evangelist

Kenny Lowe has spent the past four years as our Head of Emerging Technologies, in a strategic development role. “I’m surrounded by amazing technologies and equally inspiring people on a day to day basis. After working in industries ranging from international financial services through to AAA games development, I can’t imagine a more open, enjoyable, and exciting environment to work in than the one made available at brightsolid.

I have a keen interest in my home city of Dundee, particularly when it comes to helping further develop its already impressive technology community . To that end I have co-founded the Dundee Tech Meetup and Dundee Code Club entities, in addition to acting as a STEM ambassador for Dundee Science Centre and Technology CPD lecturer for Dundee City Council.”

Veeam expert

Our Senior Systems Engineer, Craig Dalrymple, has been chosen as the only Scottish Veeam Vanguard for a second consecutive year, as part of the Vanguard programme for 2016. There are only 54 Vanguards worldwide with participants being selected based on acumen, engagement and style in their activities both on and offline.

Due to the success of the program after its launch last year the Vanguard initiative will aim to build upon the accomplishments of the select group of IT professionals and communities they work with. As part of the 2015 cohort Craig attended the VeeamOn Conference in Las Vegas to test and develop new features of the Veeam product portfolio. Securing his place on the 2016 cohort enables him and brightsolid to remain at the leading edge of new Veeam features and releases, benefits we’re excited to share with you. Our longstanding partnership with Veeam meant we were named a gold cloud provider in 2013.







Craig Veeam Vaguard