Managed SOC: What are the benefits?

In today’s globally connected world, it is critical that organisations actively monitor and protect their networks and applications from ever more sophisticated cyber threats and attacks or risk facing significant consequences. For many, the answer is a Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). This combines human expertise and state-of-the-art technology to detect, monitor and respond to threats and security vulnerabilities in real time.

Benefits of a Managed SOC

It will help improve your organisation’s security posture as you navigate a constantly changing threat landscape. Let’s look at three of the top benefits:  

24/7 threat detection: IBM reported in 2022 that the average mean time to detect a cyber attack was 277 days or approximately nine months! Could your business survive that long with an undetected breach? With a managed SOC, this reduces to minutes. Saving you valuable time and money and avoiding potentially damaging exposure, ransom and fines.

Highly trained personnel: A SOC team is crucial to the success of your cyber security. They must have expert skills and up-to-date knowledge to perform their role and ensure results. However, such individuals are often difficult to recruit or retain for in-house roles. Cybersecurity Ventures reported that unfilled cyber security jobs had risen by 350% over eight years. A managed SOC ensures the right team of experienced security analysts and engineers. With no need for you to worry about upskilling and training your team, who can focus on other business-critical operations.

Optimise time and resources: One of the most significant benefits of using an expert SOC is that it saves in-house resources and time. All of which can be focused on other growth activities. An experienced provider will create automated custom playbooks and procedures for allocated users. That outlines the appropriate decision-making and security steps depending on the specific case. Additionally, providing meaningful threat intelligence based upon enhanced and emerging cyber-attacks, working hours are well-spent on checking every security alert.

Why choose Brightsolid?

Cybercrime continues to increase rapidly, and criminals are constantly refining and developing their tactics, posing a real risk to your organisation 24/7.

No matter the size or scale of your organisation, you need to meet these people and threats head-on with a manageable and cautious real-time security strategy based on proactivity, expertise, intelligence and a swift and measured response.

At Brightsolid, we can help you do exactly that with our Managed Security Operations Centre. To discover more about how we can support your organisation, start the conversation here by filling in a form or booking a call.

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