Two ways to step-up your security and compliance in the cloud  

In the past few years we have seen a significant escalation of digital transformation projects and strategies across sectors, mainly as a response to the pandemic and the overnight changes to the ways we now work, communicate, buy and live. But in the rapid implementation of these projects something had to give, and for many organisations it was security and compliance. Without careful consideration of the complexities of compliance and an in-depth approach to security, organisations are unnecessarily opening themselves up to much greater risk.  

The problem is that many organisations struggle to maximise the benefits of cloud due to security roadblocks (like complexity and resources) and 95.2% also struggle to keep up with compliance obligations. But with digital transformation increasing an organisation’s attack surface, and with the volume, variety and complexity of cyber threats increasing, stepping-up security posture should be a fundamental part of any digital transformation strategy. It doesn’t need to be a choice between transformation or security, with the following two approaches you can transform and stay secure.  

#1 Cloud Foundations 

Cloud Foundations is a solution for organisations using AWS cloud services. It delivers a secure cloud landing zone with pre-configured network, security, access and compliance guardrails to help you minimise security risks. With a cloud landing zone you benefit from a well-architected, multi-account AWS environment that helps you to secure your cloud infrastructure with scalability. The landing zone acts as a point from which your organisation can launch and deploy workloads and applications confidently within a secure infrastructure environment. Without these structured guardrails in place, your organisation is opening itself up to gaps in security that threat actors can take advantage of.  

Brightsolid Cloud Foundations 

If your organisation is considering migration (or has already migrated) to AWS cloud services, Brightsolid’s Cloud Foundations can help to step-up your security and compliance and support your business goals through the optimisation of costs, agility and flexibility. Cloud Foundations is delivered by Brightsolid’s experienced and certified cloud experts and is pre-built and configured to your specifications.  

With built-in security and compliance, Cloud Foundations provides a centralised and secure audit trail of all actions performed against your AWS resources. In addition, all automatically deployed baseline preventative controls are aligned with key standards including ISO 27001, NCSC Cloud Security Principles, COBIT and PCI-DSS.  

Consider Cloud Foundations if…

  • You want a secure and flexible cloud infrastructure built to your specifications. 
  • When you migrated to the cloud you didn’t consider security and compliance guardrails. 
  • You want fast and secure deployment of workloads and applications. 
  • You want to simplify your cloud services account management. 
  • You want built-in controls to cover security, compliance, costs and more to support secure and scalable development and production workloads.  
  • You want access to centralised cost and billing management. 

#2 Managed Detection and Response  

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is comprehensive and advanced protection for your cloud-based software and applications. While your cloud provider is responsible for the security of their product or service, as an organisation it is your responsibility to ensure your data, assets and customers are protected and secure within your cloud infrastructure – and MDR is a great solution for this. With Managed Detection and Response your organisation is equipped to enact threat mitigation and containment to rapidly detect, analyse, investigate and respond to threats.  

Within the last year over a third (39%) of UK businesses reported cyber attacks – and this is likely based on less cyber mature organisations underreporting – which is why strategically reviewing your security posture is currently so vital. With first line of defence approaches like antivirus no longer holding up to evolving and complex threats, MDR is a smart security solution. 

Read more about why your first line of defence approach might not be enough here.

Brightsolid MDR 

Brightsolid’s Managed Detection and Response supports the security of your organisation with a layered approach to protect against common and complex cyber threats. Consisting of the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite, SIEM technology and a dedicated Brightsolid Security Operations Centre, this service can provide your organisation with the capabilities and resources to manage, mitigate and contain security risks.  

As well as triage, analysis and guidance on urgent or complex cyber security incidents, Brightsolid MDR also includes guidance around live incident response and post-incident forensics. As a comprehensive and in-depth security solution, MDR can free up resources within your organisation, empowering you to more effectively drive business goals and strategies.  

Consider MDR if…  

  • Your organisation does not have a dedicated cybersecurity team, or has limited cybersecurity resources.  
  • Your endpoints have been consistently growing throughout a period of digital transformation.  
  • You want automatic containment of incidents.  
  • You want to ensure that your assets and infrastructure are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.  
  • You want your operational security to align with the principles of the NCSC’s Cloud Security Guidance. 
  • You want a premium cybersecurity portfolio that protects your organisation against common, advanced and evolving threats.  

If your organisation’s priorities align with the above points, consider talking to one of our Brightsolid cloud experts about the solutions we can offer to secure your cloud infrastructure. In the meantime, discover more insights here, or click the following link for an overview of all of our cloud services.